Friday, January 8, 2010

Going Out on a Limb

Like 47 billion-odd women before me, what I've been wondering is this:

What can I do to avoid going back to work while I have small children that is (a) stimulating, (b) creative, (c) able to be done primarily from home and (d) pays sorta like my existing office 9-5 job??

Since having Fern, (again, like 47 billion-odd women before me) my priorities have changed somewhat, a bit. I don't dislike my existing job per se, its just I can't imagine returning to it while leaving my daughter in a foreign surrounding without the ones she loves for 9 hours a day just so I can buy... stuff.

I have two very talented friends, one of whom is an event manager by trade, and the other who is a very skilled graphic designer and overall creative person. The one thing we all have in common (aside from a desire to escape our day jobs!) is a desire to create a business different to any other here on the Coast. It wouldnt be difficult, really, there is a nasty sort of same same about this place and a general hesitance to break outside the mould.

Our idea is this: what if we were to create an event management company that specialises in the finer details -- from colours, to textures, to touch and taste. What if we could translate this idea into unique themed birthday parties for children, for busy working mums who want to put on an amazing event for their child but don't know where to start or lack the time to do it themselves? Parties a bit different from the run-of-mill Dora the Explorer or Thomas the Tank Engine? Parties with pizzaz! Or even baby showers, or naming days?

I'm talking personalised and unique party favours, custom invitations, creative decorations, even catering advice! Here's a sampler of some of the stuff I've done for my own 'events' so you get an idea of where I'm going:

I'm yet to fully 'nut' this idea out in my own head, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense! Do you think there would be a market for this type of venture?? Would YOU pay for such a service? Do you know anyone else that would?
I would love and appreciate your feedback...

Have a great weekend xo


  1. Nicole..I think its a fantastic idea..and nothing is impossible.
    I think the best think you can do research..research...research...even put a questionnaire together directed at mothers...and hand them out at Mothers groups, play centres, schools....their feedback is going to be the most valuable information that you will use as a tool to getting started.
    Questions like..what kind of products would they sort after, what kind of pricing would they expect to pay...etc etc
    I think even creating party packs would be a great idea also...ready made.

    I completely understand about the change of career..and not wanting to place your precious little one in daycare just for the sake of earning some spending money.
    Thats why i decided to do this Interior design course..via correspondence..although my little Jacq does go to daycare now ..once a week..more for the social interaction and he loves it...and it also helps me with having time to work on my assignments etc.
    This idea that you have storming up sounds fantastic...and I would say there would definitely be a market for it. Good luck with it all..I hope it ventures into something fabulous xox

  2. I think it sounds like a fabulous idea Nicole. I too can't imagine returning to work and not being the one looking after my little Grace. I've always admired the parties that you've shared on your blog and all the small details you give attention to. You have really given me inspiration for Grace's birthday this year which I'm already starting to think about. Events planning like you're thinking would be great and I especially like Anna's suggestion of party packs. This is something I would definitely be interested in. I've been searching the Internet recently for party ideas and haven't come across anything too helpful as of yet (apart from your lovely blog posts!!) x

  3. Hi Nicole,
    I've just recently started following your blog, I completely understand your passion for creating sensational parties, I love to create and are constantly looking for inspiration. It has always been something I would love to do but with 4 kids 7,4,18mths & 5mths I don't have enough time. I did create a fabulous Lollipop themed party for my little girls 1st Birthday last year, it was fantastic. I've currently been collecting items for my son's Pirate Party in April, can't wait. My fav party Blog to follow that you will find lots of inspiration from is The Tomkat Studio. Check it out, Kim is very talented. Good Luck, I hope you follow your desire to create and as you mentioned something different, I LOVE different!

  4. Nicole, I'v been telling you for YEARS to start your owm business! You are an amazingly talented person with great taste, eye for detail and creative flair.

    Don't restrict yourself to just children related things though right? Obviously you are going to have a passion, being a new mother and all, but there is going to be 300 times more business for people who want more grown-up events. I can see you planning anything from parties to corporate events.\

    I have a friend who is an event planner and is paid, I think, around $2500 per event...depending on what it is of course.

    I Have a friend who is in the cake baking business and super talented...if you needed the contact. She is in Sydney too so close enough for deliveries!!

  5. Wow. Thank you so so much Anna, Amanda, Kate and Louise. Your advice is invaluable and very much appreciated! You have each given me some great fuel for thought.... thanks again for your support
    xo nicole


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