Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Final Trimester Blues...

I'm not sure whether it's the incessant rain; the fact that it is now Winter; my realisation that I am now in the third trimester (eek) or something else... but I feel decidedly gloomy! If I were to draw my own self portrait right now, it would look sort of like the doll pictured above (available for $29.95 here) but with a slightly bigger tummy!

Don't worry, I'll snap out of it!

Actually, I'm going to start right now. Here are 3 things I'm going to force myself to come up with right now that have made me smile today:

1. Fern. Nothing in particular. Just her. Even the thought of her makes me smile.
2. Reading a whole magazine from cover to cover. Ok, it was the May edition of Home Beautiful which is kinda sad... but I got there in the end!
3. Designing baby #2's quilt with my lovely mother-in-law. Thank god for family members with way more talent than I!

There. I did it. That wasn't so hard... was it?

What are 3 things that made YOU smile today?


  1. Oh honey... I think the rain and the fact that it is now winter in Oz would have alot to do with it! I am on the other end where I am now in my second trimester, it is always hot here and it is finally hitting me that I will have to start buying maternity wear VERY soon... for the last few weeks I have been unbuttoning my pants when I sit down to eat tee hee :P

    BUT having said all that, three things that made me smile today are:

    1. The fact that I think my belly has finally 'popped'... and just in time to share it with my family and friends when I fly home to Melbourne for a visit next week!

    2. Today I stumbled on not one but TWO cots that I LOVE (which are not so easy to find here in KL) so now just have to take hubby along to decide on which one... YAY!

    3. Thinking about my next doctor's appointment next Tuesday! I get so excited to see our little one and to hear the heart beat... magic!

    I hope you're back to your normal self soon my dear!

    Son xoxo

  2. Hey Nicole
    Mmm... can totally relate! But here goes:
    1. Our first ever night away since R. was born, at the new Metrapol Hotel in Melbs complete with dinner at Rockpool(2 weeks time and counting down).
    2. The book I'm reading: "Theft" by Peter Carey. Really great.
    3. The thought that R's current clingy awfulness is a PHHHHAAAASSSEEE and won't last forever. I love the girl, but I'm slowly being driven mad. A phase, I tell you!!

    Keep smiling x

  3. Are you in your third semester already!! At least that means it won't be winter when your bub arrives so you won't be confined to the house and will be able to get out and about with bub and Fern and enjoy the sunshine :)

  4. Big hugs to you lovely! Always good to appreciate the small things. xo


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