Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Here is what I bought!

Thanks to everyone who provided advice to my little quandary yesterday about what to buy Fern as a 'gift' from her new little brother or sister when they arrive... taking your advice on board, I bought a little doll last night on Etsy!

This is her:
Isn't she cute? She is a Love Lulu doll from Nooshka, the designer I profiled on my blog last week! I almost bought a doll from the department stores, until I realised that what I really want is something that Fern will keep. Something a little bit special. Something made with love. And a plastic doll from KMart didn't quite fit the bill (for Xmas, however, I'm sure I will succumb!)

So, I am really happy with my little purchase and I can't wait til she arrives! Oh, and I bought those pink glass drawer handles I previously mentioned on Etsy today too, so I can't wait to put Fern's new chest of drawers together!

Thanks again for your help, ladies -- where would I be without you?


  1. That is stunning, what a gorgeous doll and I'm sure Fern will keep her and treasure her forever!!! Just perfect Nicole! Have a great day,

  2. That is beautiful! Fern will just love it, and if she is anything like Miss T...this doll will become a very important, treasured and truly loved part of her life. xx

  3. She is such a gorgeous doll!! Fern is going to love her for sure. I think you're right and that it's nice to have a special gift Fern will keep xx

  4. Awww, she is just adorable. I love her and I am sure Fern will treasure her forever :o)

  5. Oh Nicole! She is gorgeous and I think I WANT ONE for me. I never did like dolls as a kid but that one would have been treasured. Fern's lucky - a sibling and that gorgeous doll!

  6. Eeek! What a beautiful doll. Lucky Fern :)


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