Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Ikea Family Live Magazine Spread - the whole thing!

There are those out there who are good with numbers. Figures and decimal points get their little hearts racing and the day speeds happily by with balancing spreadsheets and the like. I am not one of those people. It takes all my concentration just to divide 6 into 36 without ending up with a decimal deficit. Unfortunately, I am employed by my husband to be his 'bookkeeper' and have to do all manner of frightening things with a calculator before I can hand it all over to the accountant to do whatever it is that they do. Today I am bogged down amongst a billion bits of paper with numbers written all over them; my laptop open to MYOB and my heart as black as the snake that my husband found living in his shop this week... but I am digressing. And in a lot of trouble if found to be blogging rather than calculating. But why oh why do my figures have less balance than a 2-yr-old on a balance beam?

The only good piece of news today is that I finally worked out my scanner. And so, I am naughtily going to share my whole Ikea Family Live magazine spread for you... in case you don't subscribe to the mag and are interested in peering into my living space. And then I am going back to the books. :(

Here it is (how ironic I am talking about 'happy places'!)


  1. It's amazing :) Congrats.. I love fern's little room.

    Love, Emma

  2. I love it! WOW the the candles on the table- Are they Ikea?

    Ps: I recognise your Hubs from Ourimbah MTB? a year or two ago.


  3. How lovely! Your home looks fantastic! I love the kitchen/dining room... Are those chairs from Ikea? Love them.

    <3 jenna(saurus)

  4. Hi Samantha, Yup that would have been Dan! Are you a MTB'er?? We own a couple of bike store on the Coast...

    Thanks Jenna, yeah those are Ikea chairs. I have to admit I got rid of those straight after the shoot, they were nice but a tad uncomfy and rather large. Plus, I love my own dining chairs (a transparent Louis Ghost chair). And I had no room to store them! They went to a good home...

  5. Thanks for sharing this Nicole as I tried to sign up with the Ikea thingy but it's not available in WA or SA :( The article is great - great photos of you all and your lovely home.

  6. Wow! Congrats again Nicole! Your home looks SO nice! And your interview is fantastic! You must be so proud! Jxx

  7. Looks fantastic! I love the screen on your wall in the living room (that's not ikea is it?) and it all looks lovely

  8. Numbers make my head hurt too. The photos are amazing, so fresh and lovely!

  9. Your home is looking great!
    I was googling 'My home in Ikea family live' and arrived at your place ;) I did not see your home probably because you are in Australia.. I am wondering if you saw my home / blogger story in this same March issue from Australia ;P Fun! I am gonna link you;)

  10. hi Nicole, just wanted to say that I read the
    article & loved it!

    your family is absolutely gorgeous & your house..amazing!!

    well done ♥

  11. I know I'm months late, but I just stumbled upon all this and wow this looks amazing! you have done sooo great! We knocked down a shack on the block of land we brought, built a house, had a baby then extended that house (three times its size!) and a week after that reno was finished had another baby. Now a year later, I am still getting over the shock lol!

    I am in Newcastle so Ikea is a few hours drive away but I wish often we had one close by!!


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