Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Learning to dance in the rain...

Oh my goodness, it is raining so so hard at the moment! I mean it is bucketing down and has been for days... I'm trying not to get (too) down about it but anyone at home with kids will know - one day of rain is a novelty. Two days and everybody gets a bit antsy. Three, and if I had a knitting needle handy, I'd be close to poking my own eyes out! Well, maybe not that rash, but gosh-darn close. The kids are bored. I am bored. But there are a squillion things I could do to make the most of being cooped up inside and today I am going to get cracking!

I just love this print and today it is my motivation to creep out from under the doona:

Tomorrow, I have a guest 'rainy day activity' post to share for you! It's a cracker and something I myself have had on my own to-do list for some time! I hope wherever you are there are more rainbows than clouds... only 12 weeks til Spring!! x


  1. 12 weeks till Spring! Thank you so much for working that out Nicole, that puts a smile on my dial. I know what you mean about the rain... the novelty wears off after a while with an active toddler doesn't it.

    I can't wait to see what your rainy day activity is tomorrow!

  2. Ohh...looking forward to this! I'm right there with you, rainy days equal toddler watching far too much television. Need new ideas!


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