Friday, October 9, 2009


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As I ascended the 11 stairs from the garage into my home earlier today, I pondered the concept of 'multitasking'. Why the sudden mindless musing, you might well ask? 

This particular thought came as I hoisted not only myself, but also my nine month-old daughter, my purse, five litres of fabric softener (that's a whole 'nother story), a laundry hamper and a 320 bulk packet of baby wipes into the house, all with my car keys clenched between my teeth. Once I relieved myself of all of these items, except for poor Fern who had slid by this point down somewhere around my legs and was clutching on for dear life. I simultaneously changed her nappy, unpacked the groceries, folded the washing, filled the dishwasher, phoned a friend and sorted the mail,  all whilst mentally scrolling through my recipe roladex to decide what to make for dinner.


Before baby, my idea of multitasking was straightening my hair whilst applying my lipstick. Driving the car whilst SMS'ing inserting a CD. Typing up an email whilst drinking a cup of tea. You know, that sort of thing.

Motherhood has changed my perception of multitasking, along with just about everything else I thought I knew. Motherhood takes the concept of multitasking to a whole new hemisphere, hell, a whole new stratosphere! 

What's YOUR recent experience of multitasking?


  1. amazing post... being a mother of 6 months old, i can easily relate to your understanding of multi-tasking...well said.

  2. Hi!

    Just wanted to let you know I love your blog!

    Virginia :)

  3. I have some multitasking moments for you, fresh from an afternoon with my 3yr old neice and my daughter 9mth old Charlotte.
    1)Breastfeeding and reading a story book at the same time.
    2) Mixing homemade playdow while feeding dinner to the baby and the toddler adding the food colouring "just a little bit".
    3)Puting away the groceries while supervising young picaso do a painting with the new metalic paints picked up at shopping. (Unfortunately the special metalic paints keep her amused for a nano second before she was ready to embark on something else).

    Throw in being newly toilet trained and needing to be taken to the toilet every hour and haveing to be asisted to wash hands.......

    Next they bath together (my energy is now fading) the bathroom gets the royal splash treatment along with myself..... folowed by "I don't want to get out of the bath", more breastfeeding and storing reading, baby in bed, toddler packed up and ready to go home.
    It's 8.30 and I'm going to bed!!! And I have recently been thinking "yeah I'm ready for another baby".....hmmm maybe not just yet.
    Kate Simpson


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