Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year... clean slate!

Image from Etsy

Whatever you did, wherever you were, whoever you were with... I hope you sang in the new year with joy! Did you make any resolutions? I must admit I gave up on that years ago; about the most successful I have ever been is the year I attempted to address my hot-chip addiction by resolving to give them up cold turkey . I think I managed to abstain until about mid-February which for me was like some kind of world record! This year, I just want to focus on appreciating and loving my life and my family and friends. Oh, and if I could but learn to think before I speak that would be an added bonus...

Thankyou new year for already knocking my socks off. I wonder what the next year will deliver?


  1. Happy New Year lovely...great new year resolution too! :) x

  2. Happy New Year Nicole! I'm not one for new year resolutions either but what you've decided on is lovely. Looking forward to more of your great blog in 2010 x


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