Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fern's Birthday Bunting

I'm baaaaack! But did you even notice I was gone? This last week has been Chris-crazy and I feel like I am only JUST surfacing for air. It's been a whirlwind of family and friends, the (odd) shopping jaunt, pressies, waaaay too much Christmas cake and pud, and planning Fern's first birthday party which is now a mere 4 days away.

Whilst everyone else is madly planning their NYE celebrations, I am gluing, sewing, labelling, cooking, wrapping and generally flapping about like a woman possessed. I am supposed to be going to a party tomorrow night (I found a babysitter! What were the chances?!) and I am wondering when I will decide on a costume; normally I would have decided weeks ago and bought something special for the occasion. No time now!

Anyway, I am very proud of myself because we managed to finish Fern's birthday bunting! Here it is, strung quickly outside so you get a preview:

and a closeup of Fern's name:

I also did a practice run on Fern's cake today... and just as well. Let's just say there are a few small details I will need to get my head around prior to the day. No sneaky previews; you'll just have to wait and see!

Have a great NYE, how will you celebrate it?



  1. The bunting looks great, you've done a fantastic job!

  2. Beautiful! Did it take long to do? Hope Fern has a wonderful 1st birthday!

  3. Fab job on the bunting Nicole...looks gorgeous. What a lovely unique name too for your little blessing..Fern..just beautiful. Hope the day was a success. Thank you for visiting my blog..hope you swing by again real soon. Anna x

  4. The bunting looks fabulous Nicole! You've done a great job! Can't wait to see all the party details... Have fun at your NYE party tonight. We are having a quiet one in - my little Grace is a bit under the weather today poor thing and after the busy week that has surrounded Christmas, it will be nice to just chill x

  5. Hey there, The bunting didnt take too long to make really; there were 2 of us working and we knocked it over in 2 afternoons. The fiddly bit was cutting out all the letters...

    Amanda, hope Grace is ok...

    Happy New Years girls xo


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