Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Birthday Bunting

Is it me, or has the craft world gone totally bunting craaazy? Not sure what I'm on about? Here are a few of my favourite (because of COURSE I've jumped onto the bandwagon!) recent finds on Etsy:

Bunting from Giggleberry

Bunting sugar bowl and milk pitcher from Ninainvorm

Bunting magnets from Vickeh

Bunting by Paperfish

Bunting card from Winifred Studios

See? So, inspired by the bunting-mania of late, I decided to make a bunting of my very own for Fern's birthday. There will be two strings of bunting, actually, one that says "Happy Birthday" and the other, simply "Fern". I like the idea of bringing out the bunting every year until my daughter deems it way too uncool, and by keeping her name separate I can also use it for any subsequent children I might have!

Fern's nanny and I set to work this afternoon, as Fern's birthday party is looming closer... but by the MILLIONTH little triangle cutout I wondered how anyone would choose to do this for a living?! I drew and cut out the letters super quickly as I have no patience for that type of thing, but I was sure to inject plenty of love into the colour design! Anyway, no pics of my work in progress as yet, but I'll post next week (which is my deadline!).

Have a great rest-of-the-week.


  1. I agree - bunting seems to be everywhere - but I love it - I have some triangles cut out ready to sew together for Grace's room but that project will have to wait until after Christmas. Love the photo of the bunting by 'Paperfish'. Can't wait to see yours. I like your idea of bringing it out for each birthday. Enjoy your Christmas Nicole x

  2. yes yes yes i am bunting mad! keira has 2 hanging in her room, I've made paper ones from scrapbooking paper and can't get enough bunting! oh i have 3 christmas ones too!

    yours is gorgeous and clever you for putting leters on! very nice work!



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