Wednesday, October 6, 2010

That's Not Wind!

... that's one cheeky, authentic little SMILE and it's all for me me me.

Little Elliott, your eyes are all sparkly and your sunshine is radiating from the inside, out! And, despite the fact that it is 12pm and you have already blown your way into your 3rd outfit, it kinda makes the last 6 weeks of three-hourly-feeding-round-the-clock and therefore constant sleep deprivation worthwhile. Especially seeing as you are smiling at me from inside your crib, where I am certain you realise I am going to insist you sleep for the next few hours! Boy-o, you make my heart sing!


  1. Oh that is sooooooo cute!!! He looks like you Nicole! And I saw his room on madebygirl today - congrats!

  2. He is too cute!!!!! Can't wait to meet him; looks like a cheeky little one too. Love me.

  3. Can't tell you how much i am enjoying your blog. I look forward to going through your archives with a big mug of tea. xx

  4. Awww Nicole - he is absolutely adorable.. those eyes just make me melt and yes, that is most definately not wind. Cheeky little monkey :o)


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