Friday, October 8, 2010

My Birthday and Some Lovely Surprises

Yesterday was my hap-hap-happy birthday; my first as a newly completed family of four! I was thoroughly spoiled by everyone I love, and ate just a little bit too much cake (surely a rite of passage on one's birthday? !) I scored some Oroton sunnies and some Lancome goodies:

Dan also took the day off work (and it wasn't even an eclipse!) so we could have a family lunch together. We ventured down to Terrigal Beach where I scarfed a Barramundi burger and delicious chippies -- all guilt free because it was my birthday!

My hubby backed that up by cooking me dinner -- marinated barbequed prawns and octopus on a bed of freshly picked greenery from the garden, followed by a lemon syrup cake! YUM.

My parents-in-law visited in the early evening, gifting me with some spending money and an order to buy myself something special, something I struggle with these days. I used to be tremendously talented at shopping; these days I wander aimlessly and disparagingly through the stores with no idea... and end up carrying bags of goodies home for the kids and nothing for myself! I could use some new clothes in my post-pregnancy state, but to be honest I am tempted to buy myself something else; something extravagant and unnecessary and oh-so-decadent!

I can tell you are intrigued so I'll share with you: I'm talking about the Jasper Conran for Wedgewood Chinoiserie range; specifically this plate which I have had my eye on forever and which I have no intention of eating off of, and every intention of hanging on the wall as the start of a collection!:

Love love love this plate... and the entire collection in this range, really. Should I do it??

In other very exciting news, yesterday I noticed in my reader bar the title 'Nursery Inspiration' at one of my favy blogs, Made By Girl. Clicking on the link, you can imagine my surprise and excitement to see Elliott's nursery which features one of Jen's LOVE candy prints profiled on there!!!

What an honour -- thanks so much, Jen!

... and THEN I discovered that another fave site of mine, and one in which I gained lots of ideas and inspiration for my nurseries, had also profiled Elliott's nursery! You can see it here; thanks, Spearmint Baby!

All in all, it's been a great birthday! Have a great weekend my loves, see you next week! x


  1. Happy Birthday. You're on a roll.

    Just made you my Favourite Blog Friday. xx

  2. Happy birthday and congrats on your features..i love the nursery it's gorgeous!! xx

  3. happy birthday & lots of happy surprises too! well done.
    hope you enjoy weekend long celebrations.

  4. Happy birthday sweet!! Sounds like you had a fab day and were thoroughly spoilt - good on hubby for taking you out and cooking you a delicious meal. That Wedgewood collection took my eye recently at David Jones too - you should definitely treat yourself and buy that plate to start your display collection!!

    I noticed your nursery feature on Made by Girl the other day too and was very excited for you :) Haven't seen the Spearmint Baby one yet so will pop over and check it out. Have a wonderful weekend Nicole xx

  5. Oh a happy belated birthday my darling! It sounds like you had the perfect day... and if you must know, the mundi burger and chips just made me home sick for Oz... YUM! And re: the plate, DO IT! I too adore this range! Have a beautiful w/e my dear xo

  6. Congrats and Happy Birthday. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that plate, by the way. And yes, you absolutely should!

  7. Happy birthday!

    Love the Jasper Conran range. I was so excited to see them at D. Jones last weekend - they're even more beautiful in person. I say, go for it and I'll live vicariously through you!

    And congrats on the feature, I recognised it as soon as I saw it. So deserved, it is a gorgeous room :)

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Happy Birthday lovely!

    Yes, you should have the plate.. its gorgeous and definately worth the spend.

    If you were in Melbs, I would whip up an ice cream parlour for Fern too :o)

  9. Happy Belated Birthday wishes...just stopped by from Procrastination Mama...loving what I saw, off to explore some more!

  10. What a lovely birthday treat to be featured on two other blogs! The universe must be shining on you!! Hope you enjoyed your special day.

  11. Oh, I'm so sorry I missed your birthday before now Nicole. Happy belated birthday. You totally deserve the spoiling - both by your family and also in the focus on other blogs. Oh, and I too used to be a fab shopper but am no more.


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