Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Morning Whip-Up... Chunky Muesli Cookies!

Last night, a friend invited herself around to my place for morning tea. Cue PANNNIC as I scan the weekend's debris that has taken over my house like a tornado. S'ok, Im the master at the quick cleanup -- that's what drawers and cupboards are for! So, this morning I scoured the pantry for something vaguely edible to serve my friend and her 2-yr old daughter. After coming up with nothing but a few stale bikkies, I realised I was in trouble. With no time (or energy) to get to the shops, I turned on the oven and flipped through my mental roladex of recipes I can cook easily and on-the-quick.

Cupcakes? Nope, that would involve the mix-master. Waaaay too much effort.
Slice? Nope, that would involve chilling-time in the fridge.
Cookies? Bada-bing!!

But the thing is, I'm on a diet. Not a serious one - mind - but I do have a little 4-kilo excess that I would sooner do without, what with the impending bikini season looming upon me and all. And unless I can find a cozzie that is emblazoned with the text "I just had a baby, you know!" I figure I should limit the amount of sweet-but-straight-to-hips delicacies that enter my lips over the next coupla months.

So. Rather than serve my friend lettuce-leaf sandwiches for morning tea, I came up with the following compromise!! No sugar. No butter. But plenty of fun!!

Chunky Muesli Cookies
4 1/2 cups rolled oats
100g desiccated coconut
2 eggs
1/2 cup honey or maple syrup
1/2 cup macadamia nut oil
Cranberries or sultanas

1. Preheat oven to 170 degrees. Line a tray with baking paper
2. Combine oats, coconut, eggs, honey, oil and 2 tablespoons water using your hands to knead the mixture until it all starts to come together.

3. Form mixture into balls and place onto baking sheet. Use the back of a spoon to flatten slightly. Bake for 15-20 minutes. Allow to cool on sheet entirely before serving. I mean. Could it be any easier?

And the result? Effortless, homemade and HEALTHY goodness!

= yum.


  1. Oh Yum I'm going to have to join you with the four kilos I've put on over winter . But I don't have your excuse my baby is 9!!I love your blog and read it all the time , can I ask where you got your dining chairs from and if your happy with them . I'm on the lookout for new chairs . Thanks x

  2. They look great! Must put cranberries and macadamia oil on the shopping list! Thanks so much for sharing. Sophie

  3. Hi Michelle, Do you mean the clear ones? They are Louis Ghost chairs by Kartell - I got them from Space Furniture in Sydney and they cost me a small fortune even though they were on sale...... but nowadays you can get replicas from Matt Blatt for half the cost: -- not sure about the quality though. The real thing is much more comfortable than they look, people always seem surprised when they sit in them how 'soft' they are despite how hard and plastic-y they seem!!

  4. Thanks Nicole , yes I did mean the clear ones. I have looked at Mattblatt, the price is tempting just might have to go and have a look at the showroom first so I cantry them out . x

  5. These look yummy and I don't think I'd feel so guilty scoffing down 1 (or perhaps 5) of these :) Will have to add some of these ingredients to tomorrow's shopping list and give them a go. Thanks for sharing xx

  6. Hi Nicole,

    I have been really enjoying your blog and these cookies look delicious! Teresa Cutter has a yummy and healthy banana and blueberry bread you might like to try (no butter or sugar). Here's the link if you're interested:


  7. ahhhh thanks, Claire! I love banana bread and on quick review there look to be some delicious healthy recipes on that site! Will try that bread this week, cheers!!


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