Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bitten by a Mozi!

I'm all for supporting Australian designers, and when it comes to online shopping there is one site that never lets me down when the decorating bug decides to bite! I'm talking about Mozi - the brainchild of two Melbourne sisters whose range of tea towels, aprons, soaps, stationery and other goodies have long taken my fancy! The bold designs and fuchsia, turquoise, and yellow palette of colours are right up my decorating alley! But would you consider my personal Mozi loot of no less than 3 wall prints, 2 cushions, 2 candles, 2 tea-towels, an apron, and a bar of soap a slight obsession?!? hmmm.

Anyway, here are a few of my picks for the new season - this tea towel in particular is hard to resist:

It's kind of a shame Mozi doesn't do a children's range... little oven mitts and aprons would be so sweet in a little girl's play kitchen! Anyway, who are some of YOUR favy Aussie home designers that accent your personal style?


  1. lovely things. New follower. fun2bkids.blogspot.com

  2. I am in LOVE! The bedspread & the teatowel WILL be making an appearance at my house too! Why oh why must you have given me this link!!!???......

  3. I love Mozi, I've got two gorgeous coffee mugs which I adore. My dream is to have my own 'mozi' store so I can design all sorts of wonderful things, not just prints... ahhhhh... keep dreaming Janette. Have a great day Nicole,

  4. Janette you should SO have your own Mozi store!!!! I'll come do the marketing for you...

  5. Ahh, I too have been a HUGE Mozi fan for a while now! Such lovely things and I also love that they are an Aussie brand! x

  6. I'm a huge fan of Mozi too - their designs are so stylish and eye catching. I have a camera case (it's actually an iPod case) in the same print as the apron above which I love :)

  7. Massive Mozi fan. They have such unique and stylish things. My only problem is that I just want so many darn things!! x

  8. I love Mozi too .... the hardest part for me is always deciding which bits to buy. Gorgeous!


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