Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Beautiful Baby Girl

My little Fern 13/10/2010 @ 22 months
Over recent weeks, I've written a lot about my precious little baby boy-o... as a newborn, he's taking up a lot of my time and poor Fern would have every right to feel a little put out. Jealous. Antagonistic. Or a combination of the three. But the reality is, my Fern demonstrates nothing but love for her new baby brother.

A few nights ago, I was busily cooking dinner and Elliott began crying from his nursery. It took me a minute or so to get there, but when I did somebody had already gotten there first. Fern was leaning over the cradle patting Elliott on the chest with a look of concern on her 22 month-old face. Not once has she had a tantrum or tears over my lack of attention to her while I'm attending to Elliott, and, despite the odd over-zealous demonstration of affection and random poke in the eye, I really cant fault her behaviour toward her brother at all!

Dan is making a special effort to shower Fern with even more affection and attention then ever before... he gets her up in the morning while I lay dazed after a night of feeding my hungry baby every 3-4 hours (I cannot even open my eyes until a strong coffee is being intravenously poured down my neck) and sometimes climbs into bed with her for a snuggle. They have a babychino and some 'bubbles' together before I stumble out of bed and say good morning.

Often, while I'm feeding Elliott, I invite Fern to sit next to me and we read stories together. She adores books, my little girl. They are all over the house and she carries them around everywhere - the animal themed ones in particular - making animal noises to the corresponding pictures and trotting around like a pony.

Yesterday we visited Fern's grandparents on their beautiful property and I snapped some photos of my little girl as she raced around - looking and smelling and listening to everything around her and I realised. She's a beautiful little human being, and I'm prouder than ever to be her mother.

It's a wonderful thing, seeing your children interact with one another, and I cannot wait to see Fern's and Elliott's relationship blossom over the coming weeks, months and years. Elliott's eyes already light-up when he glimpses sight of his sister... and I just know they will share many special moments as they grow and share their childhood. And I get to watch it all!

These thoughts are making me smile today. What's making you smile?


  1. This is so beautiful! Sounds like you have a lovely little girl on your hands xx

  2. Fern is such a cutie!! What an adorable photo of her is her cute dress and a lovely post describing her beautiful little personality and caring ways. She sounds like an affectionate little soul - how gorgeous to find her patting Elliott to try and calm him :)

  3. She's absolutely gorgeous! It's hard for me to imagine right now having two (just because Everly is so young) but I know I want them relatively close together, and I worry a little about how Everly will react/how our love & relationship will change, etc. <3

    But yes, the pic is beautiful!

  4. What a precious little girl... and such a good big sister!

    P.S. Fern is such a beautiful name. I love it.

  5. What a sweetie, Fern sounds like she has such a lovely nature. My son is the same with his younger brother, so sweet and caring. It melts your heart xx

  6. It's just so wonderful to see your kids together being kind and gentle with each other. Fern sounds like one very sweet little girl .... a special moment indeed!


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