Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Macaroni Couture

If there have been, like, 60 days of Winter thus far (or thereabouts) I reckon 58 of them have been cold and/or wet. Mostly wet. And I don't do wet.

Quite frankly, Ive been going out of my brain coming up with ways to entertain my first born... and of late, I've become one of those terrible mothers who plonks their child in front of ABC Kids... a lot. But I've had the guilts about it. Big time.

For the first 6 months of Fern's life, she didn't even know what a TV was. But that was then. She was happy to suck her fingers then, or stare contentedly up at her activity gym. But she's harder to entertain now... her standards are higher. She eyes most of her toys with disdain and even if I was in a position to go buy her something... I have no idea what I would get her!

But she is a real little girl, my little girl. One of her first words was 'shoes'; she eagerly watches me apply my makeup each morning and tries to grab the eyeshadow palette, she likes brushing her hair... and she adores jewellery.

So today, I forced myself to think outside the square. And get crafty. With macaroni, no less.....
Step 1. Place raw macaroni in bowl.
Step 2. Pour food dye into containers and stir.
Step 3. Drain on some towel. Marvel at colours. Scrub food colouring off white benchtop. And fingers. And floor.
Step 4. Thread onto some brightly coloured wool and make a couture necklace!

Step 5. Marvel at how daughter can refuse to look at camera for 'after' shot because she is busy trying to get at tin of tampons she found in the bathroom drawer and is now wanting desperately to play with. Confiscate tampon tin. Go back to playing with coloured macaroni. Blush when husband arrives home from work brandishing one rogue, unravelled tampon he found on the front verandah.

What to do tomorrow?!!?


  1. Love it! I can relate to the ABC kids guilt.. It is hard in winter though. There is only so much singing, play dough, cardboard box playing a mum can do in 9 hours x 7 days!

    Being preggers makes us exempt from feeling guilty about the TV though.. seriously.

  2. I also believe that being pregnant makes us exempt from the guilts. ABC2 is great!! A great activity that Miss E (18mths) loves is if I fill different bowls with different things such as one with rocks, one with shells, one with dry pasta...and then a few empty bowls. She loves to move them from one to another...

    But I hear you - it is hard.

    LOL about the tampons - I just took a photo of Miss E sucking on a tampon. She was so upset when I took it off her.

  3. Great post as always Nicole :) I thought you were posting a recipe at first ;) I always find the days harder when we're stuck inside and Grace isn't really old enough for anything crafty yet. Love your necklace idea and bet Fern did too. Your tampon story made me laugh, we had a similar incident here last week with Grace watching me get dressed only to wander into our ensuite and when I decided to check why she was so quiet, I found her very delicately taking tampon after tampon out of the box :)

  4. Give Fern another 10-12 years and I'm sure she won't express the same excitement for tampons!

    Too funny re: the rogue one on the verandah :P x

  5. Fantastic idea!

    I'm with you on the weather... rain rain go away, right!? I have two little girls running riot in the house right now as it drips and drips and drips outside. And this afternoon we pick up 3 little boys from school and the riot will turn stampede!

  6. Ahhh yes... macaroni fun! We have had many lovely carfting sessions with the food dye and the macaroni, but it is ages since we last gave it a go. Thanks for reminding me of such a fun wet weather activity.

  7. I'm sitting here trying to remember what us girls used to do for fun when it was raining. All I can remember is our My Little Pony fashion parades (that you ALWAYS won), Lego (more my entertainment then yours admittedly), Making clothing and pillows for our barbies...and you re-arranging your bedroom 1001 times.

    Some things never change ;-)

  8. Love the threading fun...happy colours! have a fun weekend.


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