Friday, April 30, 2010

A Little Purse... and the Doldrums!

Dear friends, I must admit that today I am tired, unmotivated and... well... just a little out of sorts! It isn't really like me, and I must snap myself out of it - QUICKLY!

One thing that brightened my week (up until now) was making this little purse from a kit I bought:

There is this very cool little website called Moda Bake Shop that is full of inspiring sewing projects (and step-by-step tutorials) that even a complete novice can follow. Just. And some gorgeous fabrics to boot.

Despite the fact that I had to unpick my zipper about 5 times before I gave up completely and settled for more-than-slightly-askew, it was relatively simple to make this purse. And it only cost me a grand total of $10 for all the materials!

Perhaps it's that my purse is empty that has me in the doldrums?

Another thing that SHOULD be brightening my day is the prospect of the Mathilda's Market coming to Lane Cove on Sunday. Last time, I went completely feral and this baby/ children handmade market is one of those places you could do major damage to your bank account. I plan on getting there early this time, because 40,000 mothers in a smallish room elbowing each other for that last size 000 hand-laced onesie can get pretty tiring!

I'll be back on Monday with a full report of my purchases, I'm setting myself a strict $100 limit so let's see how far it takes me! And I promise to be in better spirits...



  1. I hope ur day gets better Nicole. We all get that way sometimes. Thanks for the heads up about Mathilas Markets at LC. I might c u there!

  2. 5 times, you have patience my love! I would have given up on 3 at the most!


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