Monday, May 3, 2010

New Nursery Peek... Starting at the Door!

On Saturday, Fern and I were in the car by 7.30am (no mean feat, I assure you!) to get to Mathilda's Market bright and early... We wanted to be there early, because frankly last time was a bit of a nightmare - with hundreds of frenzied women jostling for position at the front of the cupcake stall - and I didn't think I could cope both by myself and with a pram!

Maybe it was because I went by myself and didn't have a shopping wing-woman to encourage me that I really didn't buy very much at all... in fact I was a bit disappointed with my paltry purchases when I got home!

Anyway, I did manage to pick up a little something or two for the new baby's nursery (which is beginning to take shape in my head). My favourite purchase was this cloud mobile from Gifts Created:

I think it's really cute! I'd been looking for a gender-neutral door mobile for the new baby to go with Fern's gorgeous bird dream-catcher which she has on her bedroom door:

Obviously I don't know the name of the new baby yet, but I was sort of thinking it might be cute to get stencilled letters that say "reserved" in the meantime. Is that idea too kitch??

So now I have the door to the nursery underway... maybe its time I focused on the interior! Stay tuned folks, I have big plans!

Have a great week



  1. i love your purchases ..the dream catcher and the cloud mobile are nursery is going to look amazing i'm sure of it ..cant wait to see what you find next XX

  2. That cloud mobile is just divine and I love the idea of a "reserved" sign. It's a lovely tangible touch that is a reminder of your new family member (not that you really need it with the bubba growing you're doing!). xo

  3. I love that birdie mobile. So sweet.

  4. Thanks so much for the posting.The rain cloud ring looks lovely on your door. Love the idea bout putting "reserved" on the door too good thinking. Was great to meet you...all the best..

  5. I love the rain cloud mobile Nicole - what a lovely start to your nursery. I think the 'Reserved' sign idea is great!! Am so looking forward to the unfolding of your nursery. Enjoy the rest of your week luv x

  6. Gorgeous new mobile... can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the nursery!

  7. Nicole. I think it is entirely (spelling?) selfish of you to not know (and therefore tell others) the sex of your upcomingbaby. As future fav Aunt I wanted to get the jump on hand bought love and went shopping for cute clothing.

    Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to buy gender neutral onsies. All those gorgeous things for boys and girls and nothing but white bonds singlets on the menu for 'unknowns'.

    Selfish. How am I suppoes to be fav aunt if I can't post gift wrapped love???


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