Thursday, May 6, 2010

I shouldn't admit this out loud but...

... I went out this afternoon - just for an hour or so - and Granddad was left in charge of Fern, who was sleeping. When I got home, they were sitting in front of the telly and the moment Fern saw me, she burst into tears! Then, she leapt up and into my arms where she (shock! horror!) voluntarily gave me a kiss! And it MADE ME FEEL GREAT.

My daughter rarely displays public sentimentality toward me; indeed there have been times she has blatantly rejected me for her dad/ nan/ cousins etc. I --- sniff --- understand it... I mean, I have only spent 24 hours/ 7 days a week with her for 16 months, shoving my nipple toward her mouth on demand for the first 12 and really, I don't expect anything in return.


So anyway, the fact that my daughter had apparently gotten out of bed and scurried through the house in tears, calling out my name for 20 minutes before she despondently gave up and waited for me made me feel good.

Because my daughter has the ability to make my day, just by that one kiss. Am I shallow much?


  1. No, no you're not at all. I'm just the same!!!
    Will is in such a Daddy faze at the moment and it gets me down sometimes as I think golly gosh you are 99% of my world now and you don't even care about me??? :(
    So even when he just reaches out for me as opposed to someone else I get all happy inside.
    I think we just have to enjoy those special moments hey!

  2. Take it when you can get it, I say!
    Cuteness xx

  3. Nope, not shallow at all! Just a loving Mama. xo

  4. Awww. I don't know why you WOULDN'T write about this. It's a lovely Mama moment. You're allowed to feel like this. I do all the time. xx

  5. What a sweet mummy moment for you, it always melts my heart when my daughter chooses me too. I was also wondering about the cute jumper Fern has on, may I ask where you bought it from, I ve been looking for a nice grey hoodie for a while. Thank

  6. How gorgeous Nicole!!! I can imagine how happy it must have made you, I'd totally feel the same. After freely giving out kisses for weeks, Grace is going through a 'no kisses for anyone' stage so if she were to freely plant one on me, I'd be estatic right now :) Enjoy your weekend with your cutie xx

  7. Thanks for your positive comments peeps, I don't feel nearly as lame now!

    Anon, Fern's grey velour jacket is from the label Sprout, avail from Myer! But be quick, they were on sale and selling like hotcakes!


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