Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bubby Makes Four...

Dear friends,

I have a not-so-secret-anymore to share with you. Something amazing, surprising, exciting, and maybe... just a wee bit frightening?

It would appear that in late August bubby will make four!

Yes folks, a miniscule mini-me is growing inside of me at a rapid rate of knots, and plans to join us in late August. I am thrilled of course, but two under two? Am I made of strong enough material?

A little over year ago, I recall all too clearly my obstetrician pressing a birth-control prescription into my (still fluid swollen) palm. I was then 7 weeks postpartum and assured him there really was no need. I would never EVER be doing this again, in fact I could not imagine why ANYONE would go back willingly and do it all again. When I got home, I tossed the prescription into the garbage. Falling pregnant with Fern had been, quite frankly, a horrific nightmare with many many many fruitless and heart wrenching months of nothingness on that tell-all-pee-stick before finally our prayers were answered. I expected it to be the same this time, when and IF we ever decided to go through it again.

But life can serve you up a whammy sometimes, and literally 5 seconds after my, you know, 'systems' returned to normal at the end of last year I fell pregnant. Just like that. And that is apparently how it goes, its just this stuff normally happens to other people. You know? I am humbled.

Anyhow, I've decided (for now) that seeing the only reason I can think of to find out the sex of the baby is for decorating purposes, I've decided that this time I will keep it a surprise. That I can come up with an inspired, gender neutral nursery an interior designer would be proud of. We'll see!

But let's play a little game. I want to know what YOU think - girl or boy? Leave your prediction in the comments section and after I have the baby, I'll randomly draw from the correct guesses. The winner will receive a handmade monkey softie. I am currently sewing two - one for a girl and one for a boy.

Here's a picture to give you a clue of the gender:

(yeah right, its my baby and even I cant tell one end from the other?!?)


  1. Oh wow!! Congratulations!! 2 under 2 - you can do it! It is hard work but things just keep getting better and better as they get that bit older. All the best with the rest of the pregnancy and I think it will be a boy!

    PS. The program for making photo collages is Picasa. You can download via Google.

  2. Congratulations Darling..that is awesome news!!
    Im sure you will take it all in your stride and handle it just beautifully!

    Hmmm....ultrasound pic is a bit iffy...but I'm going BOY on this one :)

  3. Oh how exciting!! I am so very happy for you :) Can't wait to share in all the excitement in the lead up with you and to see your new nursery unfold. I would love to have a second baby close in age to Grace but things for us took a long time (eventually ending in IVF) but I'm hoping that the next time around it will 'just happen'. How nice that Fern will have a little brother or sister close to her age. I'm going to guess your bub is going to be another girl x

  4. Congratulations, that's such exciting news! You will be fine!! Ppl have told me that 0-1 is the biggest adjustment then 1-2 is easier. Oh and I think it's a boy too, don't know why, just get the feeling. Cant' wait to find out! Janette x

  5. ...also, hope you're feeling ok in these early stages of the pregnancy. Have you had much morning sickness? x

  6. Congratulations! That's wonderful news.

    I am going to say boy. xx

  7. Hello don't know me, I saw your comment on Fat mum Slim..I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS! Babies are such a blessing. Take good care of yourself and enjoy all that comes with this miracle.
    Blessings from across the ocean,

  8. Congrats and all the best!
    What a pleasant surprise, it's a boy.

  9. Hi Nicole, i LOVE your blog and I also have a daughter that is close to Fern's age. Congratulations thats very exciting news:) I think bubby number 2 will be a...girl. Hope you're feeling well.

  10. My beautiful big sister, I love you I love you I love you times infinity plus 1 :-)

    These thing happen to 'other people', they happen to YOU. They happen to you because you deserve them. They happen to ytou becuase when people go through shitty things, roses grow.

    I can't wait to see you, my fast growing neice and my favourate brother-in-law in April and am guessing you wont be having birthday drinks with me?

    Congratulations :-)

    Love you so much it hurts,



    (I personally like Hamish, Grey or Gabriel)

  11. Thank you to each of you, including my new friends, for your lovely, sweet thoughts -- hmm it would appear a boy may be on my cards if your votes count for anything?!

    Amanda, Im feeling great, no sickness but sooo tired. Dont remember feeling that with Fern this early on, dont even want to go to gym or exercise at all which is not like me. And I think Im testament that things really can just happen, our first time was completely the opposite and I didnt even think Id be able to have children! So I have positive hopes for you and your hubby too, this time around...

    Louise, THANKYOU and of course I'll hve birthday drinks with you! Well, maybe one anyway? oooh I like Gabriel as a name!


  12. Oh congrats to you honey. How funny. Maybe you may have to change the name of the blog too???? Take care, hugs. Simone


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