Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our New Living Room Addition

Not long ago, we succumbed to the lure of eeeeevil Foxtel. It was the prospect of live European cycling that did it for hubby, and once he decided, there were men in my living room within hours. Unfortunately I was not watching when they installed the cables, and the unsightly mess they left included a 1.5 metre cable that extended across the main wall to the back of the TV. It was unsightly but also dangerous, and I realised I couldn't live with it.

I considered buying a larger entertainment unit (which we needed anyway) but I couldn't find one long enough to hide the cable and in the end I decided to bite the bullet and get one custom made. I drew up some plans and then spent a couple of weeks getting various quotes.

Yesterday, my 'plans' came to life... and I'm loving we've ended up with!

It's a 4.2 metre unit (wall-to-wall), with drawers for all our DVD's and Wii games, an open space for the machinery and cupboards either side. I am loving all the extra storage! I wanted it streamlined so it's all on one level, and constructed from inexpensive white semi-gloss melamine. Srangely, although it takes up so much space, it makes the room look larger than before! The only little downside is losing a bit of wall space where Fern's toys used to live, and I'm heading out this afternoon to find inspiration for a new toy storage solution. But aside from that, I am a happy girl!


  1. Looks awesome!!

    Well done :)

    PS: Foxtel is evil isn't it... But I love it...

  2. Wow Nicole - LOVE the cabinet. It looks great how it's wall to wall - so streamlined and I love the glossy finish. Your living room looks so lovely - I always like seeing photos of your place. Can I ask where you got that shelf on your wall, I'm searching for a shelf for our kitchen and one for Grace's room...

  3. Thanks Sammy!

    Hi Amanda -- the white shelf is a Lack shelf from Ikea. I bought 2 actually, but I was forced to take one back b/c they really need a masonry wall to go onto, and ours is plain ole gyprock. Check your walls before you buy, but they look great! x

  4. It looks excellent Nicole, I love it, it almost looks like a window seat but so nice you can display things on it. You must be very pleased with your design coming to life!

  5. Hi Nicole, nice to meet you! I was going to send you a private message but couldn't find an email for you... Thanks for the comment you just left on my blog! It made me immediately come and have a squiz of yours :) I like what I see so far so will take some time to read some of your older posts later this evening!

    This is a little weird but I just had to tell you... less than an hour ago I was reading one of my daily 'baby name blogs' (hubby and I are hoping to start a family soon!) and something made me think of the name Fern... not that I have ever known one... and then I jump on your blog and you have a darling Fern :)

    Anyway, have a great week and I look forward to following you on your blog journey!

  6. It looks FANTASTIC! We are in desperate need of an entertainment unit solution too. I haven't got quotes yet but we have 3m wall to jazz up. Otherwise it might be Ikea.

    I love the look of it, you barely notice it.

  7. Oh the new additions are awesome! LOVE what you've chosen.

    I want to do custom wardrobes but haven't found anyone who can do it for a reasonable price so it remains a pipe dream for us.


  8. I love your living room! I like that you have all the things you need even though you have few furniture and decors. Every house should have that one area where people can relax after a long day. I think it's the living room in your house. Keep up the good work!

    Alayna Swan @Amazing Space NYC


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