Saturday, July 9, 2011

Who said Boys Can't wear PINK?

Happy Saturday, folks! I am spending an exciting Saturday night in... I just inhaled most of an entire pizza from GPK, then two Freddo frogs and am contemplating a tim tam! Gluttonous? Moi? But its the weekend, and I did a Spin class this morning, so it kinda equals out.... doesn't it?

Anyway. Just checking in because I just uploaded some pics and I cannot help but share these photos of my little sonny-boy modelling my new baby-pink-n-polka-dots bow tie this afternoon. My hearteth melteth.

And who said men can't wear pink?


  1. Oh stop it are just to to cute!!

    You make me want to try for a boy Nicole and that ain't a good thing!

    Hope you got my message on Facebook re: the onesie and gorgeous little headband for izzy. She was beside herself with excitement at getting a pink little parcel :) xx

  2. He is to cute! Doesnt he pull on those wall hangings>?

  3. A born model!!
    Lucky Mum can oblige.
    The pink is just adorable (in a masculine way!)

  4. very cute. both my boys LOVE (i mean it's their fav) pink.

  5. That is ridiculously adorable. Love the stripes on the wall behind him too. Kellie xx


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