Monday, July 11, 2011

My Living Space Today...

Hello! Today I thought I would share with you my living space:

i wish...

... in my own head, anyways. Mine is not quite this vibrant. Or styled. Or void of children, grubby fingers, strewn toys, remote controls, and bits of chewed apple... 

my reality...
That first pic summarises what my living space would look like today in my idea world! It features all my favourite colours (turquoise, pink, pistachio green, white), and I am loving the eclectix mix of furniture, the mismatched cushions, the floral artworks... I'm feeling my own (above - and pictured on a day my home was styled!) needs some more colour! Lately, I feel like I've lost all my energy where my home is concerned. It's Winter, and I can't seem to get inspired! I think its time to inject some colour; some life back into the place!

Where should I start?!


  1. I'd start w/ the wall color since you don't have to worry about babyproofing & such with that. I *love* that 1st picture though, seriously. *saves it for inspiration* That space is so cozy!

  2. Oh, I feel the same about our house, Nicole! Your living room is gorgeous as it is, I must say:) I will love to see what you do with colour as I am a little unsure of it, preferring to sticking to neutrals, but I am finding it so bland especially in Winter. Have fun decorating! I also wanted to say how much I love your is gorgeous! Happy week to you ~ xx

  3. Nicole, I think your reality looks beautiful! But I like your 'living space in your head' too...

  4. Hello new follower :) and your space is much prettier then mine! I have grand ideas but putting them into fruition with the kids is not really working at the moment.

  5. Oh I meant to say why I want to win your gorgeous top! I have two girls and I adore your designs and would love one of my girls to where one. I also write about how I love products like yours so yes I would love to win the top.

  6. I want your coffee table!!!

    I think some art on the wall behind you or some beautiful flowers on your table would spritz some colour in. You could even make some art yourself! I know you are clever like that!


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