Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The one with a happy ending...

Once upon a time there was a little little girl. A beautiful little girl. That - due to circumstance - spent the first two years of her life within the confines of a Thai orphanage. When I met her she was tiny. Desperately shy. Barely able to communicate.

But an angel must have been watching out for this little girl.

Persistent dedication and a whole lot of love tore through the bureaucratic red-tape that would have seen this little girl unnecessarily without a mother... and little Jantima was finally blessed into the arms of an amazing and besotted family. Can you believe - looking at her now - her start in life?

Confident. Happy. Cheeky. Absolutely beautiful. And loved.

Just as every child should be.

Oh - and stylish, too! I got to design Jantima a special outfit for her birthday and this is the picture I was sent. Ok, I'm biased but I defy this image not to melt your heart!

Sometimes stories have happy endings.....


  1. What a special, special thing to do! She looks so proud of her pretty new dress. That smile is like the sun :)

    Angela x

  2. That is special..what a gorgeous thing to do Nicole..so very sweet of you:) xx

  3. What a beautiful little girl, and such a happy ending story!

  4. A gorgeous dress for a very beautiful little girl. What a lovely family they are!

  5. That is the best photo. She looks lovely. x


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