Monday, July 25, 2011

Party Inspiration Series... The Ladybug Birthday!

Hello and welcome to my first instalment of a special 'birthday party' special I'll be running weekly on my blog; where I feature different themes complete with the best images from across the net giving you styling ideas, colour palettes, menu options, AND I'm challenging myself to come up with a special custom designed bm3 outfit in the chosen birthday theme!

This week, I'm running with...

A very cute theme to start with, me thinks! And - as a theme that would be equally as appropriate to a first birthday as it would a 10th, this one is super versatile to boot! Here are some images I found to inspire a gorgeous ladybug party!

Buffet Table

from here

from here

What ladybug birthday would be complete with a gorgeous lady bug cake? I'm loving this one made by Amanda at Homely One:

One year-old Graces' gorgeous lady bug birthday cake. View more here

Steal a leaf from Anna's book with this adorable idea for her little girl Matilda's first birthday... Each little guest was given a butterfly net with which to 'catch' chocolate ladybugs:

Might I suggest...

Ladybug Outfit with layers of fabric, felt and lace including hand stitched ladybug trail and ruffle bum! Instore now.


  1. This is a brilliant idea.
    Oh, the cuteness.
    Love it.

  2. Super cute little suit ( what a great idea to include that )!! Excellent xx

  3. Great idea. Don't suppose little chicks are on your list somewhere? I'll be keeping a close eye on this one...

  4. Very creative! Great idea :-) Love the ruffle bum.

  5. A great collection of ideas Nicole :)

  6. Great idea for a series of posts Nicole - will be looking forward to these each week. I love all the inspiration you've put together and your outfit is super cute, especially that ruffle on the bottoms. Thanks for sharing Grace's cake :)

  7. Oh nic! Beautiful ideas and I love love love the onesie! I was thinking of doing the (rather over-done) hungry caterpillar for Aylas first bday but this is soooo cute xx


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