Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Poppit is Two...

Two seconds... oh wait... make that years... ago to this very day, my baby Fern Lucinda was born into this world...

And, just like that, after all the waiting -- the star in our eyes became a star in our arms.

It's been a BIG year... Developments. Achievements. Discoveries. Triumphs. Laughter. Tears. And I've been there to capture every moment and file it away in my memory. Because this was the year my darling daughter merged like a butterfly from a baby... into a beautiful little girl.

THIS year, we discovered:

How to walk... and then run...

That bedtime could be fun?!?

"Yummy Sushu!"


How to win the bike Verandah Race Series!

That there was a 'house' inside mummy!

That bubby was pretty cool... and apparently here to stay!

The pure joy of feeling the wind in your hair...

That there is nothing not to like about Christmas...

That there is much more fun to be had wearing food than eating it...

This year, my baby said one word. Then two. Then five. Then all of a sudden she could sing along with me to "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer" and point out colours and people's names from photos and count to 10. And with it came the tantrums. Oh, the tantrums we had this year... as well as the odd unwillingness to share her things, and demonstration of liking things just. so. or. else....

My little girl tests me every day. She challenges, motivates, inspires and fills my heart with more love than I ever thought I was capable of. She totally rocks my world. And I get to be her mum for the rest  of my life!! Happy birthday, my little poppit. You have your dad and I pretty tightly wound around your little finger. And we wouldn't have it any other way. Here's to a magical 2nd birthday...

ps. I'm not having a big birthday party like last year, instead she's having a few friends over for a  little morning tea and a play in the cubby. But there will be balloons! And cake! And really, what more can a little girl ask for? I'll post pics of my attempt at a 'My Little Pony' cake tomorrow. I'm pretty proud.


  1. Happy birthday Fern. Love the pic of her painting her face instead of eating her food... priceless :)

  2. A sweet post, Nicole, particularly the last photo of you three. Congrats on making it through the second year! I totally empathise. J x

  3. Such a big year full of change and development between 1 and 2 and as you say, definitely the year that little ones go from babies to 'little girls'. Happy birthday to your darling Fern! Thanks for sharing these photos Nicole, I especially love the last two - the spaghetti one had me in stitches :)

  4. Happy 2nd birthday Fern. It's such a wonderful age. xx

  5. Happy Birthday Fern ... what a cutie!!

  6. Ooh Happy Birthday darling little Fern! And what gorgeous pics your Mummy has shared :) Nicole, wishing you and your beautiful family a brilliant 2011! x

  7. happy birthday to your little princess ..xx

  8. Your photos are beautiful! Happy birthday to the coolest named girl in the world -Fern, xx

  9. happy happy birthday sweet little fern! lovely words for a lovely girl from a lovely mum! xx


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