Friday, July 29, 2011

Elliott - the Human Jellyfish

Folks, I have a little problem.

Again?! I hear you ask? Havn't you just finished moaning about the fun and games of toilet training and how your children refuse to eat anything without a heartbeat? What now?

But at the risk of sounding very whiney indeed, I share with you a little issue I am having with my darling, honeycomb-breath son. 

That there picture you see above you is my sonny-boy. I am standing in the living room with my camera trying to take a picture of - oh, I can't remember - and lil Elliott is standing on top of my feet, with one arm wrapped around my leg; the other holding my tracky-dacky-pants-cord to his drooly mouth.

The thing is, at the moment my son is taking the concept of "attachment parenting" to a whole new level. With no warning, my previously adventurous, happy-go-lucky boyo has become a (oh gosh I hate to say this out loud) whiny, clingy jellyfish!

I understand that babies get upset when their parent leaves the room. But folks, this has gone one step beyond. Elliott wants to be in my arms, pretty much all the time unless he is in his cot sleeping. The second I put him down, he starts whinging, crawls over to me, stands up and monkey-grips my legs. What can I do? So eventually I pick him up and - miraculously - the crying stops. I wait a couple of minutes. Put him back down. Repeat process!

Both my blessing and my curse is that I've pretty much been with Elliott 24/7 since the day he was born. And somewhere over the last 11 months (oh gosh, is it 11 months already -- must get onto his monthly photo!) he has grown a little - well - fond of me.

And maybe I'm a little to blame... I may have whispered a little negotiation with my son in the early days that I would promise to cut his sandwiches for him for the rest of his life if he promised to stay with me forever (in Mother and Son fashion). ooops.

Oh, I know this is just a stage. And this too, shall pass. Next year he'll be embarrassed to be seen with me and I'll be begging him for cuddles, undoubtedly!

Isn't parenting fun?



  1. Oh boy, I think I remember Will going through that phaze too. I don't think it lasted that long. But I think it was just before he was ready to walk like he was crawling like crazy and I think the scaryness of his new found freedom was a bit of a love/hate thing for him. Oh but it's tiring isn't it! I think I got the baby bijorn out again and heaved him around in that just so I wouldn't feel so trapped.
    Hang in there my dear - they can be trying little dears at times can't they! I think I've whispered that pact to Will before too :)

  2. Ah, I've thought about getting the Baby Bjorn back out, but even 3 months ago he near-on broke my back in it --he's just so goshdarn HEAVY now!! Maybe I could attach one of those bikeseats onto my own back for a while?!!?

  3. I remember going a little nuts when my son went through this clingy stage. There was one point where he hadn't really gotten language yet, so all he did all day was cling to me and grizzle. There was one weekend where I almost literally threw him at DH and went shopping for seven or so hours.

    It does pass, it's frustrating as anything while it's here, and unfortunately I found the only thing to do is keep persevering with a balance of indulging his need for togetherness and also encouraging alone time.

    I've heard it's worse with boys than girls?

  4. Harper sounds exactly the same. So frustrating, but much better then constantly having to chase them when out!

  5. The attachment phase (let's hope it's a phase!) is both a blessing and a curse, isn't it? I think sometimes there really is such a thing as TOO MUCH love. I hope he regains his sense of self soonest so your trackie pants have a hope! x


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