Thursday, August 2, 2012

In which the sandpit becomes a VEGGIE PATCH!

The deed is done, folks. Too late to go back now! You might remember this post where I battled with my inner guilt and outer frustration about removing the kids' sandpit... well, last weekend I got over myself and

No more sand!

And hello, dirt!

A fair swapsy, by anyone's book?!

Together, the fam and I hit the nursery and bought every veggie seedling in sight, along with 300 bags of potting mix. Upon getting it all home we realised the said veggie plot is only about 1.5m square and we might have overdone it a tad. But overdoing things is rarely an issue in our house!

In it all went, with the kids stamping the soil down with their gum booted little feet.

And now? I am like some sort of greeny organic earth mother with my patch of veggie goodness blowing gently in the breeze, growing day by day. Yes folks, untold pleasures are sure to be derived from this veggie plot... its just a slight mystery as in my excitement I threw out all the name cards and have forgotten what is actually in there! No doubt it is all splendid stuff, indeed.

I have no idea how to look after my patch or what to do once something resembling a VEGETABLE pops its head above the earth. I assume I should toss water at it every now and again, but I fear it might like other additions, like mulch or fertiliser or a bit of sunlight. But all things come to those who wait, and my patch must be patient. Heck, it took me 6 months just to find a POT for the last plant I brought home from the nursery!

I'll get there though folks, I'll get there!

Oh, and the kids are thus far not demonstrating any signs their childhood has been irrevocably tainted by the removal of their sandpit. Quite the contrary. Turns out there is a LOT of fun that can be had with dirt and earthworms. Which makes us all very happy, indeed.

Here tis!

What thinketh you? Do you grow your own vegetables with success? Are homegrown hunza pies materialising from your oven like you are some kind of domestic goddess? Do share!


  1. I'm a terrible gardener / green thumb.
    But I love your little patch in the garden. I'm looking fwd to seeing some updates as your vegies grow. It will be lovely to pick & eat your own growings :) And yay to no more sand :)

  2. No vegie patch here - but no sand pit either.
    I hate the things!!!
    A great job there - and how exciting seeing what will pop through!
    :-) xx

  3. Good on you! I'm growing more than I can handle..... and trying to put a sandpit somewhere! But it's going to be tipping sand into a little wading pool. So what say you? Sandpit overrated?

  4. So you did it! Out with the sand and in with the vegies... a very good swap I am thinking. I'd love to grow my own vegies, but our yard isn't quite set up for it right now... but I am working on it.
    Yours looks lovely, beautiful sunny photos... look forward to seeing some produce come out of it too xo

  5. Maybe the sandpit is a little overrated. It's just as kid for myself I loved to play in the sand.



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