Monday, July 16, 2012

My Jar of Hearts...

Howdy pretty people! I thought today I'd brush the cobwebs away and pop back into my sadly neglected blog to share with you a quick little project I got up to over the weekend... I shared an image I discovered recently on my Facebook page  and lots of you loved it; I loved it too! It was just an inspiring image, no tutorial but I knew it would be super easy and it turns out it was! This was my original inspiration:

... and here's what I whipped up in literally 15 minutes on Saturday afternoon:

This little jar of hearts makes me super happy and can perch merrily on a sunny windowsill, or perhaps be used as a party favour, or propped upon a shelf... so many options! Fern prefers to use hers as a must ache....

If you like this little jar of hearts and would like to make your own, heres a simple instruction guide just for you!

You will need:
- Coloured felt
- bamboo skewer or similar
- Wadding
- Needle and thread
- Sewing machine (or handset if you are keen)

1. On a scrap of paper, fold in half and draw half of you love heart shape so that when you cut around you have a perfectly symmetrical love heart!

2. Use this folded piece as your template, tracing around your folded felt piece and cutting out. You will need two of each colour to make one love heart.

3. Pin the two felt shapes together and sew around the outside leaving a few cm's down one side. Remove pins and turn inside out. Stuff with wadding, then sew side closed with needle and thread. Stick the pointy end of your skewer up the pointy end of your love heart ;) ........... step back, and admire your handiwork!!

4. Continue until you have lots or just a few and smile... don't you just love your jar 'o' hearts? xx


  1. Gorgeous Nicole, so pretty and happy! Lovely pics too! Hope you're feeling better now... we've all had the horrid cold/flu here, SO hard to get rid of.

  2. This is a lovely idea Nicole. I have so many empty jars that I didn't know what to do with, this will work perfectly!

  3. I like how she holds the heart up to her face almost as if she wants to eat it.



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