Friday, June 22, 2012

Life in Miniature

For some reason, my daughter likes and HAS always liked little things. I have a 12 year old Labrador and the animal likes to always have something in his mouth. Like, always. Even when you think he doesn't have something in his mouth and throw him a piece of toast at brekkie(as I do - he likes a bit of vegemite toast, he does) he somehow manages to spit the leaf he's been hiding in his mouth out of his mouth and catches the bit of toast mid-flight before it hits the ground. Talent.

My daughter is similar to my Labrador. Ok, she doesn't keep leaves inside her mouth, but she likes to have something in her hand. At all times. The thing inside her hand varies from week to week. This week, it might be one of her "Littlest Pet Shop" characters. She holds that thing in her hand from the minute she wakes up. As Im getting her dressed she's clutching onto it. Somehow trying to squeeze it through the armholes rather than let it go for a moment. At the shops, she's clutching onto it. At lunch, it sits in front of her plate. At night, it's held tightly in her dedicated grasp. Once, I kid you not, Fern held onto one of her 'pets' for a full three days straight. That's 24 hours x 3. She woke up crying in the middle of the night when she dropped it and I had to crawl under her bed at 1am to retrieve it for her.

But she's a bit fickle, my daughter. Unlike Elliott, who is still dedicated to his beloved Flatout bear, Fern's obsessions fluctuate with the seasons. What is held in her hand this week is tossed unceremoniously in her drawer the next. I dunno.

No matter, that's just my daughter. Her little foible. There are worse habits, I'm sure.

Yesterday, I found this handmade toy on Etsy. A little matchbox 'bed' and mousey and it is so adorable I want one immediately. My daughter will most definitely be getting one of these for Christmas, and I know she'll love it. Its miniature, handmade, gorgeous and the sweetest thing I've seen all week.

What strange habit does your lil one have that you can't help but indulge?!

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  1. That is the sweetest little mouse I ever did see! Fern may love this also...

  2. The mouse is so cute! Fern's little habit is rather adorable :-)

    Our vet actually advocates feeding the dog a bit of Vegemite toast from time to time, not sure that's based on anything scientific! ...ours is more partial to weetbix anyway haha! x

  3. Oh this is too beautiful. Fern sounds like such a sweetheart, I love the story about her holding onto the trinket for 3 days straight... now that's commitment. My Mr4 has always had a thing for holding onto something too. He is always stuffing his pockets with little cars or lego men etc... And until recently used to 'wrap' his thumb in a tissue or blankie... whichever he had available. I think some children just need to keep their hands busy... maybe this will mean they'll be creative!? Who knows!?
    Has Fern discovered Sylvanian Family figurines? I think she'd LOVE them! They were my faves as a child and they've come back in vogue recently I notice.

  4. Mine both love little things but Seb the most. His farm animals have been like an extension of him for a while now but it gats added to when he's into new things like characters from films etc. It is easy to please him when travelling though. Just bring out a little random character/car/animal collection on the plane and he's happy as larry for the whole flight!

  5. thank you so much for the feature!! Fern is adorable!!


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