Thursday, June 7, 2012

A few NEW Goodies from my studio...

Hi guys! Today I want to share with you some new products Ive been working on for my store... a while ago I felt I was talking about my work too much so I stopped sharing it so much with you, but I have decided Ive gone too far the other way seeing as this IS my blog to share with you! Anyway what I want to show you are some things I've made lately of the non-clothing variety... I LOVE making clothes for babies but sometimes I like a break to develop new ideas and here are a few I'm really proud of with more to come! Enjoy this little sampling... xx

Pastel 250mm home wreath with birdie and butterfly $59

Baby mobile $24

Boy Boudoir Owl wall hanging $28

Hairclip holder with bonus hair clip $19

Three Dimensional butterfly wall hanging $18 

Hanging birdies $9 each through custom order

Hairclip holder with hair clip $19

Baby mobile $25

Personalised nursery pillow $29.95-$49.95

Baby Mobile $25

Bright baby mobile on sale $21

DREAM wall hanging $24


  1. You've been VERY busy!
    I think you deserve a little nana nap.

  2. Gorgeous!!! I LOVE IT ALL!!!

  3. OMG I LOVE them all!!! I would like to put in a pre-order for absolutely everything you've ever made for any and every child I ever have. You'll spoil your new neice/nephew rotton right??!!!??

  4. Gorgeous stuff!! I love the hanging birdies, very cute!!

  5. All absolutely gorgeous Nicole. I love seeing your new stuff pop up on my facebook feed. You're so talented xo

  6. Love them all! Especially the first one and the owls :)

  7. You are one talented woman.
    Just beautiful.
    Especially that super pretty wreath.
    :-) xx

  8. Love/want the wreath at the top and the pillow - gorgeous!!!

  9. I love everything you make, but that first wreath just stops my heart. I love it!! I seriously need to make myself a baby girl so that I can go crazy decorating with pink ;)


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