Sunday, June 3, 2012

Why a 'bathroom break' is a luxury, not a right...

30 In the olden days -- you know, before my name ceased to be "Nicole" and morphed into "muuuuuuum" I recall a friend telling me she was so busy with her baby she didn't get to go to the bathroom.

Say what?

I mean, a bathroom break takes an average of 32 seconds, right? Surely one could not be so entirely consumed with their baby that they could not take a brief interlude to go to the bathroom whenever the need struck.... could they?

And of course once I had a baby of my own I understood. Or I thought I did. But yesterday I got a reality check and realised I knew nothing about estimating the damage that can be done in the time it takes for one little bathroom-break.

Folks, yesterday I got punkd! By my own son!

I left my children in the general vicinity of the kitchen and was in the bathroom for no longer than 30 seconds. As I wandered out, my daughter was screaming "muuuum! Bubby's got the butter!"


why bathroom breaks are a luxury, not a right...

30 seconds, folks!

Sonny was 'doing his hair' with 'product'... which is fine except that I prefer to use it on my toast rather than as a styling tool... With no idea what to do first and butter spreading its way throughout my house I scraped scooped up said child and plonked him in the highchair.

You can see by the pictorial evidence above how excited sonny-boy was to be in the highchair at this point. But let me show you again :

Yep. You're seeing that, I'm sure.

But what you can't see is just how excited I was to be home alone in this situation. Super, super excited.  Especially because I had nothing else to do at the time..... natch.

After snapping a few shots as 'evidence' I rang husband to enquire as to his whereabouts. Saturday is a work day and I knew it would be borderline home-time. By some stroke of good fortune, husband was two minutes away. Which is just as well because sonny might well have spent the whole night in the highchair until I found backup.

Oh, this will be a story for the 21st.

And a valuable lesson has been learnt:

1. Never EVER leave sonny unattended for any reason. Ever. At all.
2. Never EVER leave any dairy product unattended for any reason. Ever. At all.
3. Never EVER go to the bathroom while sonny is awake without tethering him to the bedpost first. Ever. At all.

What valuable lesson have YOU learnt of late? Oh do share, how can I share all the 'fun' to myself?


  1. Oh my goodness!!!!!
    I'm truly sorry for laughing - but what a classic!
    What a mess!
    :-) xxx

  2. Oh this is too funny... but also totally horrible, sorry ;)
    Your little man reminds me so much of my little man... oh the trouble they would cause together.
    Felix uses my bathroom trips OR trips upstairs to get into all kinds of mischief too. He now raids the fridge as soon as I'm out of sight... but yoghurt is his dairy of choice, the little bugger just helps himself.
    Love how fired up they get when interrupted doing some naughty, haha!

  3. Oh My God! I love how you photographed it all! That you thought of us first - when confronted with such a spectacle your first thought was "BLOG POST!!" Thank you! xx

  4. Oh no what a mess I'm glad back up wasn't far away and great evidence to have later on too otherwise they'd never believe you:) My girls are big now but one lesson I remember when my oldest was little was to never leave colouring in pens down low even when one is suppose to be in bed asleep because you never know when one little person may get the urge to draw all over themselves!! It was a while before she had them in her room again, missed the photo opportunity though. x

  5. Oh dear! Byron went though a stage of tipping the breakfast cereal on the ground for me to find when I woke in the mornings.. Was an expensive age :/

  6. That's hilarious! And I say that as a mum of two who has also left the room to return to such mess. My beautiful 3 year old went through a stage of painting with the contents of her nappy! Good on you for getting the evidence!

  7. hehehe. Sorry had to laugh. He looks pretty darn cute :).


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