Friday, July 30, 2010

My Bump!

Seeing as it's Friday, I thought I'd treat you all to this little look at my 'bump'. I'll be 36 weeks pregnant tomorrow... Fern thinks it's hilarious and keeps "ticka ticka ticka" (ie. tickling) my belly at every opportunity. Who knows what an 18-month old baby truly understands, but I know mine has noticed my growing bump and is fascinated by it. If I ask her what's in there, she points to her own tummy and says "bubby!"

Poor Fern. She's in for a real shock, and in just a matter of weeks. And so am I, for that matter. At the moment, she is my very best friend and the centre of my universe. Its hard even for me to imagine it any other way. But the cozy world as we know it is about to be rocked upside down... so for now we're enjoying the last precious moments together, my daughter and I, just the two of us...

Have a great weekend, peeps! x


  1. That is a very cute photo.
    Enjoy this special time with little Fern before bub hits the scene. It must feel funny to know that in a few weeks you will be joined by another little offspring :)
    I had Will at 37 weeks so watch out, it could be sooner than you think too!

  2. Such a precious photo Nicole :) Enjoy your special time with Fern before bub arrives. I understand what you mean about finding it hard to imagine it not just being the 2 of you. Have a wonderful weekend x

  3. how gorgeous Nicole! I remember when it was just Miss T - she was about the same age. I wondered how it would be when the next bub joined us...and it is just wonderful. Nothing brings a tear to my eye (in a good way) faster than seeing my children play together. I am now wondering how it will be when this 3rd bubba joins us.

    Enjoy this special time...but let me tell you it only gets better! xxx

  4. How exciting that your little Fern will soon have a brother/sister.
    It is hard to imagein a second (or third!) child arriving but once you all get used to it you'll have such good fun together.

  5. Gorgeous - both of you and I love that "ticka ticka ticka". The Bebito says it similarly and loves to try to do raspberries on my belly (although I'm not preggers, no!). ;)

  6. That is such a cool photo! I struggled to imagine how things would be with two. Enjoy your time with Fern (love that name, gorgeous!), it is a special time when you have each other all to yourselves :)


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