Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Outdoor Room Magazine

Not long ago, I was approached by a writer working on the launch issue of a new monthly magazine entitled  The Outdoor Room. She'd seen my backyard blitz (check it out here and here and here) on my blog and wondered if I'd be interested in appearing on the letters page of the magazine with a pic of my makeover. I figured, why not?! 

The magazine launched last week, and wow! In truth, it kinda had me from the cover image which features Kartell Ghost chairs suspended in water, and it only gets better inside.

The magazine is gorgeously laid out, and the matt recycled page stock is a refreshing change from the standard glossies. And there is plenty of outdoor eye-candy to whet any avid or aspiring gardener's appetite! Plus, there's styling ideas, recipes, new products and real-life gardens. I've never been a huge fan of Jamie Durie per se, but I am really impressed with this magazine! If you happen to buy a copy, check out the little happy snap of my backyard on page 18! Here's a little peek inside:

Nice, huh? I'm pretty motivated out there in my garden at the moment and I am soaking up all the inspiration I can get! Now that it is Spring, it really makes my day to look outside each morning and see what has grown -- literally overnight. We planted some herbs, lettuces and tomatoes only a few weeks ago and are already picking leaves for our salads! Just waiting on the tomatoes now.

Do you grow your own herbs or vegetables? Does Springtime motivate you to get out there and tame your jungle into a Jamie-esque blissful backyard? Do tell!


  1. You're such a celebrity Nicole what with your Ikea, now your Jamie D mag... wooow! I spotted that mag on the shelf at my newsagency on Friday and made a mental note to get it when I had more time. I'll go get it today it looks stunning and I can't wait to see the new cubby house as we're in the market for one too.

  2. I meant to contact you to see if you knew it was in there! I got it on the weekend and am in love with the garden on the cover (so much so, I had to go out and buy bright colours for our deck!).

  3. Oooh looks great! And yay for your mention! Will have to pick it up - I'm very much into outdoor spaces at the moment. We've been in the garden pretty much every spare moment lately trying to build the cubby house and de-weeding out ridiculously pathetic "lawn", planning what trees to plant along a fenceline and thinking up ways to extend the fence so the kids next door can't keep climbing over!!! And our vegie garden was going great guns until Layla pulled out the just-flowering strawberries, thinking they were the same as carrots!

  4. hi nicole. thrilled to hear that you love the mag! thanks again for letting us print photos of your gorgeous space. can't wait to see future makeovers.

    the outdoor room

  5. Will be checking out this mag today at the shops, would be nice to get some garden inspiration as I'm really motivated with this nice sunny weather Perth is having to get out there and make everything look lovely. I have a herb garden but we only just starting our vegie patch now - am really looking forward to being able to pick some fresh lettuce leaves.

  6. Went to a wedding on the weekend and had a couple of hours to fill in before the big event. Upon going to the small general store in the town to get a magazine, discovered Jamie Duries new mag! Opened it up to be amazed at Bubby Makes Three's appearance on page 18!!! Congratulations, what a feat! You should be so proud, the backyard looks great!


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