Friday, May 14, 2010

Come Sit in Our Garden!

As promised, come and visit our so-close-to-100%-completed-its-not-funny backyard!

I'm super proud of it; for 3.5 years I stared at a patterned concrete wasteland and a few (too many) hedges. Back in October last year, I posted some pics of our new backyard and entertaining areas, but it's taken me another 6 months to get around to properly finishing the job!

Thanks to my unruly Labrador, there were a few unsightly holes in the new garden that I've been meaning to fill with giant rocks. And when we built the deck, the new level presented a slightly larger drop to ground level than we had anticipated and we had been meaning to get around to investing in a sandstone step. Then there was the outdoor sink, which my husband has talked about FOREVER. And so on. Anyway, this week we finally completed all these tasks... and for a good reason!

Wanna peek over my back fence at a few of the new additions?

ps. I've dropped some not so subtle hints about there being a big reason to get the backyard into ship-shape... but think I might hold the suspense out a few more hours. Here's a little clue to get you thinking, and I'll be back with the full story tonight. Maybe.


  1. The suspense is killing me...What is it??? We have the little Ikea Minnen table & chairs aswell, they're so cute!

  2. The backyard looks FANTASTIC Nicole. Love it, you must be so happy with it. What a great space.
    Can't wait to ifnd out what it is you're teasing us with! Jxx

  3. Looks amazing...gorgeous little Oasis! we know bubs number two is on the it a boy? because boys needs a big backyard..let me tell ya! lol x

  4. I love the sandstone the best nicole, looks great! :-) (of course!!)

  5. wow - I've got a serious case of garden envy!!


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