Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An Outdoor Sink - comes in handy if you never use it?

Check out the newest addition to my outdoor area:

Yep, it's an outdoor sink! My husband has been talking about doing this for months, and something finally spurred him into action! He's no professional builder, but he did study Industrial Design at uni so he can wield a hammer and nails with relative prowess. He built it pretty much in one day, using mostly leftover timber offcuts. The plumbers arrived this week to connect the water -- we opted for a pull-out tap so we can give the kids a handheld shower during the Summer months or when they come in feral from playing in the dirt!

The sink is right next to the BBQ, so I figure it'll come in handy for all manner of uses...

ps. There is one reason for our motivation to install the sink... and its a pretty exciting one! Actually, its the most exciting thing to happen to us for ages! Tomorrow I'll share some other updates to our outdoor courtyard and garden and maybe, just maybe the reason for our excitement!



  1. Would come in very handy for barbecues and I love the pull out attachment idea. You are such a tease... can't wait to see what you are excited about!! :)

  2. Are you moving???? Tell us!

  3. Oooooooooooh Hurry Up Nicile!!! I am dying dying sying to see what Ikea sent you, what you get to keep and HOW THE BLODY HELL you came to have it in your house!!!

    Mwah sis :-)


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