Friday, May 14, 2010

Ever Wondered What Your Home Would Look Like...

... if IKEA came to style it for you?

Well folks, my dream becomes a reality tomorrow, when a team including a stylist, art director, photographer and god knows who else descends on Maison Cleary to do just that!

What the hell am I talking about, you ask?

A number of weeks ago, a mate of mine in the UK forwarded me an email he had received from a previous associate who works for a media production company in London. The email said that Ikea was looking for homes to feature in an Ikea customer lifestyle magazine called IKEA FAMILY LIVE (check out this website for an idea of the kind of features in the mag). He said the magazine was "all about showing real people in their real homes - it is still aspirational, giving readers great ideas for their home, but we want to show how people actually live at the same time".

My gorgeous friend put in a good plug for me (he is aware of my hidden obsession with interior design), and next thing I know I was submitting photos of myself, our family and our home. Next, I had to fill in a questionaire describing everything from my decorating style to my unrequited childhood dreams!

And then, I kind of forgot about the whole thing.

I even went to Ikea to buy some stuff we needed.

Then, at about 8pm one Friday night a couple weeks back, the phone rang. It was the media company in London (well, of course it was!) and would I be free for the team to come and shoot the home (and us) on the 15th to feature in the magazine?

Can you even believe this story?

It gets better.

Last weekend, a knock on my door produced a courier who said he had a delivery for me from Ikea! I told him to just "bring it up" and he looked at me kind of strange. I probed him about what it was he had in his van, and he hinted there was more than one item and didn't seem at all keen to bring it up the stairs for me. I sighed and agreed to come take a look in his truck. Once there, I peered inside and asked which bits were for me?

His answer? ALL OF IT.

I've never seen so much Ikea in my life outside of the showroom! Chairs, tables, rugs, prints, lamps, a cot, a play kitchen, coffee tables and god even knew what else just kept on coming! It was like Ikea Christmas!

And the best part? Apparently I get to keep it afterward!

So, it all happens tomorrow and I'll be sure to post a full report straight after! Off now to plan my costume. What to wear that screams casual yet looks amazingly amazing? And what is Ferny going to wear??



  1. Wowie! How very exciting my dear... I cannot wait to see some pics!

    I'm sure this will mean you will have a very busy but funfilled w/e... enjoy! x

  2. Goodness! Seems too good to be true! I'm so happy for you!

  3. Wow! How cool. Can't wait to see and hear all about it!

  4. Oh wow, that sounds super-exciting you lucky duck. Can't wait to hear all about your wonderful Ikea experience - and how we can get a copy of this magazine that sounds really interesting. Have fun xx

  5. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! So exciting! That is like a dream come true. Oh good luck for the shoot today you guys will be fantastic and your home will look sooooo great in the magazine. I can't wait to see it when it comes out - you're famous!

  6. Oh my! How exciting! And you get to keep it all aswell??? I can't wait to see how it turns out, enjoy this moment!

  7. How fabulous is that... What fun x


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