Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mothers Intuition

Last night (or is it this morning?) at around 2am I awoke suddenly. Something was wrong. A minute or so later a little whimper came from Fern's room. Then, I heard the sound of her tummy lurching. I leapt up immediately, knowing she was about to be sick.

When I got into Fern's room she seemed sort of ok, but I knew she wasn't. I got her up and brought her into our room. We tried to put her down between us, but she couldn't settle (mum and dad's room sort of equates in baby terms to Disneyland) so we put her back in her own room on a precautionary towel.

About five minutes later we heard the unmistakeable sound of our baby throwing up. After cleaning her up, she seemed happy enough and went back to sleep until morning. She is back to her normal sunny self today.

What is the force that woke me up before anything happened last night? How is it that I could hear her unsettled tummy from another room and know immediately that something wasn't right? I can't believe before I had a baby I was concerned I wouldnt hear my baby cry in the night. To this day I have never once switched on a baby monitor and am constantly amazed that I havn't needed to, that my body is so attuned to Fern's that I know when something is wrong or she needs me often before she does!

Have you had similar experiences as a mother? Does it make you feel all warm and fuzzy too??


  1. Oh wow! Yes it's amazing isn't it! I had the same thing with my baby William the other day. He was playing in the entry way area (same room but just around the cnr out of sight) and I just suddenly knew that something wasn't right and I thought he had something in his mouth. I knew that there wasn't anything on the floor because I'm very meticulous with him crawling around and somehow I just knew that he had some of the sponge of the under door insulation in his mouth. So I grabbed him and sure enough he was chewing away on something. I tried to get my finger in his mouth and I felt it, it WAS a little bit of sponge he must have somehow ripped it off from under the door. I finally got it out of his mouth. I don't think it was big enough to have caused a problem but I was in shock for the rest of the day as to how I had known what was going on before I'd even seen it! The insulation had never even crossed my mind as being a hazard. Freaky!
    I'm glad Fern is ok now poor little darling.
    Janette x (sorry long comment!)

  2. Poor little Fern :( Isn't that so bizarre and such a good example of 'motherly instincts'. I used to be worried before I had Grace that I wouldn't hear her from our room but I'm the same as you, I can hear that first little whimper from all the way down the hall :)

  3. Janette, that's amazing! Dont you feel very clever??? What is it that lets us KNOW these things?


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