Thursday, March 4, 2010

Let Sleeping Babes Lie...

So, this afternoon I popped Fern down in her cot round 1pm-ish, her normal afternoon nap time. An hour later, I was still hearing noises from her room which is highly unusual. Normally, even if she puts in a half-hearted fuss about going to sleep she still goes to sleep within 10 minutes or so.

When I say noises, they weren't crying noises, and were soft enough that I figured she must have woken from her sleep early and was now calling out to me.

This is what I found when I entered the nursery:

At first glance, there's not much wrong with this picture. But what you need to know is that when I put Fern to bed:

- The quilt was hanging over the side of the cot

- The mosquito net was draped evenly on the wall behind the cot

- The teddy bear was sitting in the top right-hand corner

- The pillows and owl were also neatly stacked at the top end

- My daughter was safely ensconced in her Safe-T-Sleep, unable to sit or stand until I unwrapped her. Or until she took matters (and the velcro) into her own hands...

I couldn't help but laugh. I grabbed the camera and quickly snapped these pics. Then, I climbed into the cot and lay down next to Fern and we played for a little while before I climbed back out, reinstated everything and ordered her back to sleep.

Just another day in the Cleary household...


  1. Oh how funny!! Looks like someone was ready for a party!! Can't believe her little 'cot makeover' - I would have found it hard not to laugh too :)

  2. Too little Jacq has done that many there is nothing in his cot..or around it.that he can get his hands on..he is just too clever. Just the other night he pulled down the bunting I had hanging on the way along side his cot..well out of his reach..but he was very resourceful and worked out that if I pull big fat ted down and stand on his head..that will give me that extra inch for me to grab hold of that bunting..true! At 17 months...they are VERY clever...and turns the house upside down...I had one of those days yesterday...was pulling my hair will see..its lotsa fun...ahhh the joys...but you gotta love em! lol

  3. So very cute. I have been following your blog for a little while now and Fern sounds like such a treasure. I look forward to reading about more of her wonderful adventures. Have a lovely weekend.



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