Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When Your Cupeth Runneth Over

Now that I'm well and truly up the proverbial duff (I'm almost halfway, can you believe it - I can't!!) I am starting to notice a definite little bump and though I managed (just) to squeeze myself into my skinny jeans today, I fear more of me was above the waistband than Levis might have otherwise intended. But that's not the only change.

All of a sudden, I have grown absolutely enormous k-nockers!

This didn't happen last time. Not that I recall anyway. I distinctly recall cankles, a football head, puffy fingers, swollen feet and a lovely brown mask all over my face. But big bosoms? Not so much.

Technically speaking, my new twosome are not textbook behemoth. If I'm completely honest about my size, I'd say I am now a well endowed B-cup. But let me tell you, this is larger than I have ever been in my life, which says much about my size previously! I never quite realised how, ahem, little I had until I finally filled a B cup!

Have I lost you yet? I've sort of lost me. Call it pregnancy brain. Surely I have more to think about than the size of my own knockers?

Check out these lov-e-ly brassieres I treated myself to today, in celebration of growing out of my training bras!

What occupies your mind this week?


  1. Can't believe your halfway through your pregnancy already!! That time has flown so quickly. I can relate to this post at the moment as I was wondering through the lingerie department in Myer this morning thinking I'll have to treat myself to a new bra when I stop breastfeeding Grace (which will be very soon) - I'm crossing my fingers that my 'pair' return to pre-pregnancy selves :)

  2. Half way.... ooo the last half flew by for me - exciting!!!
    My 'pair' deflated! I started as a C cup, went up to a D, then when I stopped breastfeeding went down to a B. I'm hoping that second time around puts them back to normal :)

  3. Bahahahahahaha....ahh always give me a good laugh!

    Enjoy the changes...maybe your having a BOY this time? Mine certainly grew..and then disappeared off into booby heaven...
    I lived in those Bonds maternity singlets..with the built in bra...they were so comfy and easy to feed little one in.
    Congrats on reaching the half way sure to keep us posted on ALL the changes... us your love jugs! lol


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