Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Bunny Scramble

Today being our last gathering before Easter, us mothers held our homemade Easter bunny scramble at the local park. It was lots of fun, and while we responsibly neglected to serve our children alcohol chocolate, that didn't mean we abstained! Honestly, this Easter I have already eaten my own body weight in hot cross buns and Cadbury eggies!

In my excitement, (and the fact that Fern was wrapped around my leg for most of the morning) I neglected to take many photos... here's what I grabbed to give you a little taste of the day!

... and of course, a pic of Ferny modelling her new dress (see her little rabbit tucked into the pocket - cute!) She had a matching little orange hairclip, but that got lost somewhere in the abyss of my car on the way to the park:

ps. Tomorrow is my big unveil of my homemade chocolate Easter eggs. It's been a process, let me tell you. But I've been determined!


  1. Gorgeous!
    You have a wonderfully creative Mums group!
    Enjoy those eggies xx

  2. What gorgeous photos!! Love the pic of Fern discovering her bunny. What a lovely morning you must have all had. I recognised Fern's gorgeous dress straight away - looks great and those shoes are adorable!! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter x


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