Friday, July 9, 2010

Stringing Two Words Together...

This week, my daughter turned 18 months old. A fairly significant developmental milestone. And it's as if she knew, because this week, she did these things for the very first time:

1. Strung Two Words Together.

On Wednesday morning, I heard waking up noises emanating from Fern's room. I heard her yawn, and then the rustle of her sheets as she sat up in her cot. Then, clear as a bell I heard "Hello Daisy!" Who is 'Daisy'? Why, it's Upsy Daisy of course, from In the Nightgarden. She also offers her dummy and drinks of water to Daisy.

2. Ate a bowl of cereal with a spoon.

By herself. Without any interference from me. And most of it went in her mouth!

3. Recognised people and objects.

All of a sudden, Fern is pointing out members of family in photographs and calling them by name, and identifying most animals and their associated noises. She is also pointing out stars. And flowers. And 'daddy' on TV on the Tour de France (ok, she's a tiny bit off on that one. But he IS a cyclist!)

4. Learn - and exercise - fake laughter.

And I couldn't be prouder. Boringly doting mummy, much?

What's on for the weekend, peeps? Im planning on catching up with friends, dragging myself to the gym and finding a help-group for my dreadful addiction to chocolate and bad food generally. There's no point baring your 32 week pregnant belly in a 2-sizes-too-small cozzie to swim an enthusiastic kilometre.... only to wash it down with hot chips and gravy! x

ps. It's been raining for 3 days straight and I only have 3 strands of hair left in my head. I'm going to go to Spotlight today - apparently there is a huge sale and I'm hoping to find some inspiration! I'll post again later if I craft something fabulous and amazing! Or, I could just get a DVD....


  1. Yay for Fern! Those photos of her are adorable! I love the gum boots :) Feeding herself cereal must be great for you (even if there is a bit of a mess). Hope you feel better after a gym session - as for hair loss, I still have tiny strands poking through haphazardly after having Grace which are driving me insane now they're growing back. And chocolates and hot chips or not, I'm sure you're still looking your useful gorgeous pregnant self. Have a fab weekend x

  2. Gorgeous pics my dear... and I don't think there will ever be anything boring about being a doting Mum :)

    Have a great w/e!

    Son x

  3. Sweet photos! What program do you use to put them together like that?

  4. Flick, the prog is Picasa which you can download for free off the net! You can make lots of fun collages which is how I did the above pic.......

  5. Thanks so much downloading it now!

  6. Such a gorgeous blog...and a very special time.

  7. Happy 1.5 birthday Fern!! Very much enjoying watching your adventures in growing up from the other side of the world :)

    Loving the fake laughter pics! xxx


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