Monday, August 30, 2010

And Bubby Makes Four... Introducing Elliott Daniel!

He's here... the teeny weeny, marshmallow-scented, satin-skinned, fluffy haired piece of perfection I never knew I desperately always wanted.

Until now.

Our son!

Eliott Daniel Cleary was born into the world at 1.02am on Monday, August 23. His weight was 7lb6 and his length was 50cm and he is so adorably little that I want to take a knife and fork and literally gobble him up!

The birth itself I'll share with you in a little more detail tomorrow if you are interested (I love hearing other people's birth stories!) but suffice to say it was full of intrigue... mystery... suspense... comedy... drama... thrill... and a little romance. Just like any good movie oooops I mean birth story!

A son! I'm not sure why I'm surprised - there was always a 50% chance of having one, but I come from breeding stock that tends to make girls. So when Elliott popped out, I had a slight moment of shock! Actually if I'm honest, the first day was sort of a hazy blur and I couldn't quite process my new baby at all. I stared at him through the side of his clear capsule with a kind of bewilderment. Who was this little creature with my name around his wrist? But then, somewhere in the dark hours of that first night - alone, just him and me in our hospital room... I fell in love.

It happened for no reason. Although he wasn't crying, I got the urge to lift Elliott out of his capsule and bury my nose into his soft dark hair. He hadn't had a bath yet; how could he smell so cookies-out-of-the-oven good? And my heart swelled beyond the infinite love I already held for my daughter and stretched into unknown realms. I realised I loved this person and would protect him until the day I died. And, that first night, a bond was tied between us, forever.

Here's our first 'family portrait' - snapped a few hours after Elliott's birth. Fern was fairly non-plussed, more fascinated with playing with my hospital tags and hiding in the curtains than adoring her little brother!

There were a few heart-melting moments though...

... and the 'gift' from her little brother worked a treat!

Wondering about our choice of name? Well, we deliberated for ages and came up with some pretty slim pickings on boys names. We liked 'Atticus' until some girls in my mothers group unknowingly bagged the name (not knowing it was my top contender!) and put me off it. Aside from that, Elliott really was the only name we both liked that seemed both fairly unique and 'normal' and sat well with 'Fern'. His middle name is my husband's name, it was important to Dan and I didn't mind - actually, Dan can't understand why i didn't want Fern's middle name to be Nicole! Hers is 'Lucinda', if you are interested.

Elliott likes:
- Being all warm and cocooned in blankets
- Mummy's milk
- Cuddles

Elliott dislikes:
- Having his nappy changed
- Being cold
- Being naked in general
- Baths (he wonders why he has to get naked for such an event?)

And mummy? Mummy loves everything about her little boy-o so far. And it all seems easier second time around. He sleeps and eats when he's supposed to and rarely cries in between. Even the night feeds seem marginally less evil than the first time, and although I'm a wee bit tired, I'm coping much better than I thought I would! Now, I just need to work out how to get dressed before 10am, how to get two bubs in and out of the car and leave the house generally and handle Elliott'd boy-bits with a touch more confidence and I'll nominate myself for mother of the year!

I've missed you all, can't wait to catch up on all your blogs... x


  1. Nic, he's SOOOO gorgeous and I LOVE the name (lucky I chose Alex as that was our other choice). I literally can't wait to meet him and see you guys - potentially in less than 2 months! can you believe it? I'm so excited! Talk soon and take care of yourself and that gorgeous family of yours.

  2. ...and how much does he have Dan's hair?

  3. congratulations! a boy! wishing you all the best as a new family of four. from robyn in ottawa, ON, canada : )

  4. Congratulations! He is lovely. It must be so nice to be on the other side and getting to know your little man. Take care!

  5. congratulations .... i have been a huge fan of your blog for a while now,so to see your post today which i loved how you described everything..what a lovely surprise congrats again and his gorgeous all the best wishes luv melli xx

  6. congratulations! I love reading anything and everything about babies.....makes me so clucky, i can't wait to meet my #2 in Feb!

  7. Yay your blogs back! I don't know how I have gotten through the last few days not knowing what's going on. I have a nephew!!! Sure sure it's all about you...but I have a nephew :-)

    So so so happy for you and proud and will make every effort to make the trip from sunny QLD to visit soon...though Eliott has the spare room now....

  8. Yay!!!! I've been thinking about you all week and wondering if there was any news after your last 'is this it?' post. Congratulations sweetie, he is truly precious and an absolutel cutie. Love the name and am so happy that things are going smoothly for you all. Your heartfelt words about your new little one (I always guessed he'd be a boy) were truly beautiful. I'm so glad Fern loves her new doll and hope she is enjoying the new addition to the family too. Big, big hugs to you all xxx

  9. A huge congrats to you, Dan & Fern on the arrival of your beautiful little boy! I think Elliot is the perfect name for him (I know I wasn't kind enough to share our name lists for BB but it seems we have similar taste so I might be coming to you if we get stuck my dear :P). This post was so gorgeously written, it brought a tear to my pregnant eye and now I can't wait to read more about the birth! I am pleased to hear everything is going so well... enjoy these special few weeks of Elliot being a newborn! Son & BB xo

  10. Awww.... he's just so adorable!! Congratulations!!!

  11. Oh he is divine! That soft, soft hair...gorgeous! Congratulations Mumma...well done you :)

  12. Congratulations! Baby Elliott is just divine and you look every inch the happy new Mama. Hope you're all adjusting well to being a family of 4 x

  13. Congratulations. He is beautiful. What a gorgeous post. Made me all clucky for our new bubba. Love the family pic and cannot wait to read your birth story.

  14. Ohhhh congrats! Elliott is such a gorgeous name and he is so so precious! Your post had tears rolling down my cheeks. So beautifully written xx

  15. Oh Nicole. I am crying in happiness for you at this beautiful post. What a beautiful little boy you have and I am thrilled for you. Being the Mama of a little boy is the only thing I know. I love how you fell in love too and Elliott is a gorgeous name. That nursery must just look perfect with that little bundle of joy in it. Much love to you lovely. xxx

  16. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! he is absolutely positively adorably perfect! enjoy this special time with your family! xxx

  17. Such wonderful news. Congratulations he is just beautiful x

  18. Ahhhhhh!!!!!! Congratulations Nicole and Dave and Fern and Elliot! I am sooooo happy for you and can't believe I missed your post while I was away. You made me cry with your sweet words about your new little boy, he is soooo gorgeous and looks like a peaceful little bub. I'm off to read your birth story now - I'm so excited for you guys!


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