Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Quick Catchup... but no baby to speak of!

Well folks, I survived my 5 days as a single mother with a daughter, and all whilst more than 38 weeks preggers - v proud of myself! Admittedly, I called for reinforcements and set up camp at my parents in laws' place for 4 of those days... well, wouldn't you?!

Fern absolutely had the time of her life; she is somewhat obsessed with animals and up on Nanny and Poppy's property there are horses, sheep, goats, and dogs and she spent most of her time either with the animals or trying to convince one of us to take her to them!

She also rode in the tractor and 'Gator:
... and read the newspaper with Poppy:
... and played with her My Little Ponies:
... and sat in Daddy's boat that he built for his HSC many eons ago!
and me? Well, I went for walks and ate cake and visited my obstetrician where I was informed that my 'small for dates' baby is in fact already about 8lb in utero and growing by the day! The baby is head down, bum up (which explains my constant need to pee) and reportedly ready to descend any day (or hour!) now. Now that hubby is back, I'm praying it comes sooner rather than later. And today, I fully intend to pack my bags for the hospital. You know, just in case.

I promised crafty delights when I returned.... and well, we gave it a go! Lesley (my MIL) and I designed our own dolly pattern and attempted to sew it together while Fern slept yesterday. But perhaps there's a reason for professional pattern makers! The end result was something slightly less grandiose than we imagined, but endearing nonetheless. Fern seems like her, at any rate! Here's a dreadful pic of her:
and that's about it! Can't wait to catch up on what you've all been up to this week. x


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  2. Gorgeous pics! Fern looks like she had a ball.

    I can so relate to te feeling of needing to pee every 5 mins and I am only 25 weeks pregnant.

    Cant wait to hear your news... not long to go now :o) x

  3. Thinking of you my lovely! I know you won't believe me but we've actually booked our ONE WAY flights home!!! Might even be able to come and visit you guys before we head to NZ as am stopping in Sydney (if you're up for visitors of course). Talk soon. V xx

  4. The photos look gorgeous!!! Sounds like a great few days. I too (at 32 weeks) am needing to pee all the time and was told I will have a big previous two were 9lb and I wasn't expecting a small one. Was fern a big bubba?

    Hope your wee little one comes soon for you. Thinking of you in these last uncomfortable weeks. xx

  5. Not long now! Can't wait to hear if I have a new niece or nephew! Hope your looking after yourself :-) xxx


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