Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Light up Your Night....

Over the last two years, we have faced and embraced challenge after challenge when it comes to our daughter Fern and sleeping. If you have a two year old, chances are you have faced YOUR share of sleeping (and other!) challenges too! It seems every developmental stage brings with it a new challenge, and as a parent its about finding that little grain from that beach of sand that provides a solution... until the next challenge presents itself! 

After Elliott was born, old habits begun to sneak back... where once we would have been stoic about not dashing in to tend to every little sound that came from Fern's room, we now didn't want to risk waking a little baby (two babies crying at 2am? Let's not even go there...) and leapt to attend where really we should have left her to see if she would settle herself first. The outcome, of course, was a child that called out for our attention at all hours of the night. Not all the time, but enough to become an issue, especially when her baby brother was sleeping better through the night than she was!

What to do?

And a thought occured to me. Fern is two, and two year olds have vivid imaginations. Could it be dreams that were waking our daughter? Was she frightened of being in the dark, sitting up in her bed, unable to settle herself back under the covers?

I remembered a gift I had received when Fern was born. Something that had been in her room all along. Unused and untouched. 

What was it? A little fairy nightlight. Well, what the hey? That night, I made a big deal of switching the light on for the first time. I showed Fern and explained to her that this was a very special fairy, that it was watching over her and that if she awoke in the night, it was ok because the fairy light was on and she was safe and she could simply lie back down and go to sleep. I went to bed that night fairly skeptical.

That was three weeks ago. And peeps? That lil fairy light has worked a merry treat! No more wakeups. No more call outs. And I'm off the hook..... til the next stage, that is!

Interested in a night light? There are loads of options in the baby stores, of course. But why not shop handmade? Here's a few Etsy options for you. Just an idea.

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Have you used a nightlight for your kiddies? Has it worked?


  1. Good Work Nicole!
    I read this to my hubby so we could both take note for when Will (hopefully doesn't, but most likely does) hit that stage. We haven't used a night light with him before but I remember having one when i was little and my sister did too. (I think she only gave it up recently too hehehehee).
    I hope this good luck continues and the fairy keeps working her magic :)

  2. Hmmm...something to ponder on..my little jacq wakes up at the same time most nights..which is round 2-3am and its a killer..but he cries out and wants his milk..and wants you to stay there and hold his hand till he falls asleep again. Keep forgetting how much these little munchkins of ours take in..and what they may be dreaming about at night. He doesnt have a night light..but a little lamp that has a very low wattage bulb..so it only gives out a little warm glow..wonder if I should try leaving it on one night? Hmmm..now youve got me thinking! x

  3. Grace has had a little nightlight in her room for a while now which I too think helped a lot but since getting rid of her dummy a few weeks back, we get nights where she wakes and calls out to be 'patted' to help her drift back to sleep. Some nights we don't hear boo all night, others, I feel like I'm wandering along the hall to her room constantly. Hope Fern's nighlight continues to work its magic x

  4. Hugh has been waking up the last 2 days before 6 with little sobs.....I only wondered this morning if he might of been dreaming. That or the fact that his little brother is waking him up....


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