Monday, March 21, 2011

My Big Little Treat to Myself!

On Sunday, I awoke feeling... well... a little less than 'fresh', shall we say. I think I may have had a small bout of food poisoning from some Thai the night before. It was bucketing down with rain, Dan had the day off work and really I had all the excuses in the world to just lie in bed for once and do. nothing.

But I didn't, of course. I'm not capable of that. So I dragged myself out of bed, decided eating was an activity that should best be delayed for the next 24 hours and decided to go shopping!

I had a $100 David Jones voucher that had been mocking me from it's magnetised clip on the fridge for the better part of a month. A world record, by my usual standards! And this time, this time I was determined to buy something for myself with it, rather than clothes for the kids, which is 99% what I do with gift vouchers these days...

Feeling a litte worse for wear, I was only at the shops for under an hour, but after circumnavigating DJ's a few times, I kept coming back to the one item I've coveted for a long time and that I've gazed at longingly every time I go to DJ's. Something extravagant. Something decadent. Something I didn't need. But something I'll look at every day and one day pass down to Fern. It's this:

It's the Jasper Conran Chinoiserie Green platter by Wedgewood. I didn't have quite enough money on my gift card, and had to fork over an extra $50. But I think its worth it. And I'm really glad I bought something for me. Which is probably why I then hit the kids section and bought clothes for the kids! teehee.

How often do you treat yourself to something you love?

Hope you have a great week... x


  1. Oh Nicole, that is just divine!

  2. Very the have to find that special spot in the home to show it off..then show it off to us ; ) Glad you spoilt yourself deserve it x

  3. Oh, Nicole, I would have bought it, too. Chinoiserie, green and Jasper Conran - what more could a girl want?! J x

  4. i adore it..great gift for yourself..nice to spoil yourself once in a while :) xx

  5. That is beautiful Nicole! I don't really treat myself to pretty things like that very often.
    Good on you for buying something pretty for yourself and in the end it will come down to Fern so it's sort of for her anyway :)

  6. Lovely.

    Can't stop buying for the kids either...they fit so easily into stuff! x

  7. Hope your feeling better and good on your for spoiling yourself!! I bought this exact plate for my best friend when she go married last year - it was so hard not to keep it for myself. I completely understand your need to by it - I totally adore it too!!

  8. Oh that is so beautiful! It is so nice to spoil yourself once in a while.

  9. Oh! Oh! Oh! So. Jealous. Good for you. So, worth it, it's beautiful :)


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