Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Wrapped Up

The happiest of Easters to you, dear friends!  Hope you are having a scrumptious long weekend - whatever you are doing this religious holiday and whomever you are doing it with...

I've had a lovely few days packed with family, friends, sunshine and perhaps the odd piece of chocolate here and there ;).

I thought I'd do a little wrap-up of some of what I've been up to, and then I plan on visiting all your blogs to peep in on YOUR Easter adventures!

It started a few days ago when I hosted six kids (and 5 babies!) at my place for an Easter soiree. It being the first year any of us let our kidlets go to town with chocolate, we did go a tad overboard with the ensuing Easter egg hunt. But really, it's a first-time-mum rite of passage to go a little mental at first Easters and Christmases, right?! ahem. Anyway, the kids decorated and glued together little paper baskets to collect their eggs while we lounged luxuriously in the glorious April sunshine drinking coffee and eating cupcakes. Really, could the weather be any more perfect at the mo? It took a few minutes for the kids to catch on, but once they did it was on for young and old and baskets were overflowing with brightly foiled chocolate...

Fern and her cousin Ellen made this string of bunting for the cubby
my Easter cupcakes on a Nigella Lawson platter (the perfect shape for Easter!
Fern decorating her basket
Hunting for eggs...

then eating them...
Someone snapped this pic while I wasn't looking...
On Saturday afternoon, Dan took the kids out in the bushland to forage for 'nest building' materials. He then constructed this little setup outside on the verandah, consisting of a nest each for Elliott and Fern plus a carrot and pot of tea for the Easter Bunny!

Late Saturday night, we snaked a mini-egg trail from Fern's room outside. We did something else also which I will talk about later in the week... I bit some 'bite marks' into the carrot and filled the nests with a handmade bunny and (in Fern's case) a Humpty Dumpty egg. Unfortunately, Elliott and Fern each woke through the night, and I can't tell you how many times I kicked and almost tripped over one of those mini eggs in the darkness...

When the kids awoke at 6 o'clockish, we went outside to see what the 'bunny' had left.  (no pics, I had the video camera at this point!) Needless to say, Fern was beside herself with excitement. We let her eat chocolate for breakfast (actually we all did, I didn't actually eat real food til 11am - shocking!):

Fern tucking into her 'Humpy Dumpy' at 6am
Later, I snapped Fern with her little bunny on the cubby stairs - I made her her own 'fluttering butterfly' shirt; I hardly ever get around to making anything for my own kids!

I'm sorry, can't resist sharing this pic!

That's it for now... the kids have gone to bed, Fern has eaten more chocolate in the last 24 hours than she has in her entire life (as have I, come to think of it) and it's been a happy day! Can't wait to read about your adventures, do do share! x


  1. You seriously have the cutest kids!! Aside from the chocolate and the kids, I have to say that the weather is the best part of this post for me - and fortunately it was the same way here on this side of globe (shocking, considering the cold and wet of late)! No kids yet, so Easter was more about spending time with the in laws and some friends (who made us a delicious lunch punctuated with the most moist red velvet cake ever!). Rain in the evening (and traffic . . . and no Easter Monday or Tuesday off -booo!), but grateful for some sun and a Saviour :)

  2. You really do inspire me to be much more creative with my kids. Easter looked great at your house!! Hope you had an awesome time.
    God Bless Love Emma xx

  3. Oh Nicole I loooooooooooooooove those black and whites! Happy Easter :-)

  4. Looks like a fun easter!

    Your welcome to my little models! Next time I happen to be on the central coast Ill swing by!! ha


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