Friday, April 1, 2011

How would you label me?

We all have our ways of avoiding housework, right?

This afternoon, after I popped the kids into bed for a catnap I begrudgingly surveyed the state of the house. It wasn't pretty. Put it this way; I think they were wrong when the said the earthquake didn't hit Australian shores... I'm sure there is a faultline right underneath my home....

I should have cleaned up. Done some washing. Hung clothes out on the line. Vacuumed. Washed the food off the floor. Tidied up my sewing debris.


I did this:

When the going gets tough........ the tough make labels!

And even though the kids are now awake and screaming and my house is no closer to being clean and tidy than it was 2 hours ago, I am standing in front of my larder (it's no longer classified as a pantry, it is waaaay too romantic now for that!) and sighing with pleasure. My matching round containers lined up all symmetrically along their white shelf, their contents beaming behind their opening credits.

What a wonderful day.

And now? I might as well tuck into a few of these dipped in a mug of hot chocolate. Why not? I've earned it.

If this post has you sighing in envy (go on, admit I am not the only complete dag in blogworld), sigh not! These labels can be betrothing YOUR containers this very day. Download your FREE template here and print n stick away to your hearts content! Oh, and those containers are on sale in Coles for $2 a pop this week. You can thank me later ;)

Have a lovely lovely weekend. x


  1. nice one Nicole!
    I wish my stock would fit into those pretty little containers.

    happy Friday to you ♥

  2. I once did the exact same thing! Now every time a girlfriend happens to look in my pantry and sees Wholemeal Self Raising Flour, Icing Sugar, 100's & 1000's etc, neatly printed on clear plastic containers they think im hilariously anal! But honestly, it is so flipping handy! Great job :)

  3. A girl after my own heart! There is nothing I love more than organising and labelling x

  4. I. Need. To. Do. This. NOW! The virgo in already at coles and printing off a gazillion labels. LOVE!

  5. Verrrry nice. I am a hopelessly disorganised person who dreams of a pantry with labelled containers - and the contents actually matching what the label says!!)

  6. Gasp!! Gorgeous. And that totally counts as tidying in my book :)

  7. I LOVE this.. I have asked for a fancy labeller for my birthday! I doubt I'll get it though :( Mick just doesn't get it!

  8. I haven't labelled anything like that for ages. Love this type of organisation!


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