Thursday, April 7, 2011

Two Weeks Til Easter SALE!

Peeps, so sorry I've neglected my blog this week, I am so busy at the mo it is all I can do to make sure I get dressed in the morning! I only get about an hour a day to sew, but I've been working on some new designs including some much needed boy stuff that I can't wait to launch into my shop next week!

Can you believe Easter is 2 weeks away? Didn't we just pack away the Christmas tree?! I am getting excited, because its the first year we can really gee Fern up about it... and the first time I might relax enough to let her have an egg or two!  I have clearly forgotten how difficult it was to make my own chocolate last year... because I bought some new moulds and plan to do it again this year! I will share my creations with you later next week. 

I think Fern will be wearing the same dress she sported last year, because it was created especially for her for Easter, and despite the fact that she hasn't worn it for a year, it still fits! Elli will be wearing his Eric Carle print onesie I created especially for him and which has proven to be my 'hot' seller this Easter! 

I've been unofficially honouring my blog-special on my Easter range from a couple of weeks ago, so I figure I'll make it official and extend it to YOU!

Each onesie features a bunny rabbit applique with hand embroidered eye detailing on the front... and a cute little bunny tail on the back! 

The range is available in short sleeves 0000-2 (if you would like long sleeves, please let me know and I'll check whether I have the size left as stocks are low!) Most of my designs are gender neutral: 

the 'back'

L-R 'Bluebells', 'Bunny', 'Eric Carle', Green Spotty', 'Tartan', 'Aqua Spotty'

For more pics of each onesie in the range, please visit my Etsy store

Easter onesies are Au$20 which includes postage and a personalised gift tag. 

Just email your selected design and onesie size to Easy peasy!

ps. Last chance to order and receive by Easter will be Sunday 17 April.

Have a lovely weekend, hopefully I can visit your blogs over the weekend and see whats going on in YOUR world! x


  1. Oh my, those are adorable! I love that there's an egg on the butt :) Soooo cute!

  2. May I please point out that your sale end date also has another (somewhat more important) event happening.....Can u guess what it is??


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