Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Wrapup

Each season I come up with ways of making my life just a little more complicated. It's not intentional, but I have been forced to recognise it in myself... this Easter was no exception. I could (should) have raided Woolies like every other human being for my Easter egg supply but nooooooo... I had to complicate my life by making my own. The thing about normal chocolate making is that really, its no more complex than pouring melted chocolate into a mould and leaving it to set. It wasn't until I had already bought my egg moulds (and the colourings, chocolate, ribbon, straw, boxes etc etc) that I remembered I had to make an EGG, that had a shell but was hollow inside and that needed to be somehow joined together. I'll say no more except to say that next year, the fam will be getting Cadburys. Here's the best of the finished product (too embarrassed to show you the worst):

This one was made with white chocolate and pink colouring, and some hundreds and thousands for fun!

Coloured white chocolate bunny with brown chocolate egg. Never again!

The packaging

Up at Nanny's, Fern went on her first Easter egg hunt! She scored herself a cute rabbit soft toy and Easter Egg (nope, we didn't let her eat that particular egg, but her Nan and Pop might have slipped her a few bits of chocolate when I wasn't looking!)

On Easter Monday, we went for a bush hike high up on the mountain, with beautiful views over the Central Coast. Her dad chose her hiking outfit, and they came out of the bedroom grinning from ear to ear dressed in matching green hiking shorts, grey tees, puffy jackets and boots!

Fern LOVED it; she's turning into quite the little outdoors girl (her father wouldn't have it any other way!). She trotted ahead and mostly refused to hold our hand, preferring to stop every 30 seconds to examine a gumnut or but of rock. I am just loving that Fern can walk now and that she takes such pleasure in little things. Children make you re-appreciate the little things you took for granted, don't they?? Here's some pics from our day:

Hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter - what adventures did you get up to??


  1. Your easter eggs look really good Nicole, I love the packaging too, so cute!
    Fern looks so cute in her hiking outfit!
    J x

  2. Your eggs turned out great Nicole - I love the way you packaged them so prettily. Good on you for making your own. Love the photos of Fern hunting for Easter eggs and the hiking pics :)

  3. I'm an over-complicator too. Your eggs look incredible though.

    Those shots of Fern having a lovely look around are gorgeous and I really agree with you that these little people of ours help us see the world anew. That's one of my fave bits of being a Mama.

  4. your eggs are great! i debated doing the same this year but got a huge case of "could NOT be bothered!" so i actually ended up recycling the eggs their grandparents gave them on good friday and hid them for the hunt. my kids really don't need an extra boost of crazy! love fern's outfit! so cute! x


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