Thursday, June 16, 2011

A bit of LOVE on a rainy day...

Remember my 'rainy day' stamping project inspiration from the other week? Well, I was at Hot Dollar (which is privately becoming my one-stop-shop all things crafty and/ or obscure) scouring the shelves for fun things for my daughter to stick to paper with glue, when I discovered one of those multi-coloured ink pads I didn't know where to find for just $4! Grabbing this - along with a pack of erasor-ended HB pencils, I had everything I needed to give this project a go!

I'd like to say I let Fern do this project... but I wanted this one all for myself! I placated her with pencils and paint while I worked on my masterpiece. Unfortunately, the ink pad wasn't the best quality and my colours aren't quite as vibrant as I had hoped -- but I still kinda like the end result!

Fern's Love heart on her new art wall.... she likes it!!

What do you think??

Fern's art wall is a work in progress. I believe in empowering children with their creativity and showcasing their work with pride, so her room will be a kind of evolving art gallery for whatever weird and wonderful masterpieces she might create!

See another of my idea for incorporating children's artwork in your home here.

How are YOU coping with this awful weather? Got a crafty activity you'd like to share? Do do send your ideas/ inspiration through to be featured!



  1. it's gorgeous!! you're so clever! Jenx

  2. Super creative mummy and daughter!!!
    I LOVE it! Fern's going to have her own etsy shop soon ;)

  3. Just it! Def an Etsy job this one! x

  4. Looking lovely...her room, the picture and the lady herself! xx

  5. You are so clever ... and I love Fern's pants!!


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